Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Stardoll updates :D

Good morning/brunch [or afternoon, evening, whatever it is for you]. I hope your day is going well, like mine :D
Anyways, since it is Ramadan, there is a calender [like the Christmas calender] so everyday you can get a new item! Pretty cool eh? I think it's interesting to learn about other religions & how others celebrate their culture(:
Next, there is the monthly Suite Shop sale. I'm not impressed [I'm usually not, tbh] but if you want something to buy for cheap..well there you have it :D
Next, there was this strange "spoiler" posted on the Official Stardoll blog:
Maybe a new competition coming to Stardoll? Or something?
We'll just have to see right(;

That;s all for now!

Credit for the 1st two pictures goes to SMW(:

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