Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fashion Steals and Deals (8/27/10)

LOL! I had to print screen my banner, save it,, then put it on here. xD

Sorry for the long wait! It's Elle, here. :)
D: I've been REALLY busy and I'm well, out of town. xD So here's this week's


Bisou Purse: 7 SSBisou Purse: 5

I think it speaks for itself. xD___________________

White Evil Panda Dress: 8 SS
White Stardoll and the City Dress: 30 SS

WOW! These dresses really look alike! I like both equally, but I like the Evil Panda price tag more. xD


RIO Strap Heels: 3
Stardoll and the City Heels: 25 SS

REALLY STARDOLL? REALLY? 25 STARDOLLARS!? Do you think we're dumb?
You make an identical pair, in black for 22 LESS STARDOLLARS!
Lol, when I saw that, I was so willing to buy the RIO shoes. I think I will right now. xD
I think you're so dumb Stardoll. :/ And GREEDY.


Splendid Sunglasses:

I ESP Love the pink ones... Not so sure about the floral print ones...
I think this is great because even if you are Non SS, you can still have awesome glasses!

Well, that's all for now!



  1. I think fashion steals and deals is one of my favorite segments x]

  2. Why thank you Cam :D