Sunday, August 29, 2010

Design news

Lately, Stardoll has gotten rid of some of the designs available in Stardesign. Among these were the Amy Claire dress [one of my favorites], the soccer ball purse, and the cleats.
This has become a little issue for some designers who used the Amy Claire maxi dress. .Marcela..'s line M for Marcela has been on a little hold since the dresses were the main part of her line. Why would Stardoll take away such a pretty dress? I know 100 reasons :P


  1. omg that's total bull! that was one of the best design dress ! i'm so mad! :( stardoll is getting crapier

  2. I know, I wish that they still featured the maxi dress + the one that's shown above. :P
    Stardoll's a poo.