Sunday, August 22, 2010


Sometimes, when I go to the winners' page, I'm like "Wtf, how they did win?"
Let's admit, we're all like that. Today, it's just one of those days:

1. Scenery:
I know people visit top designers and all for play & earn, but this random chick's scenery won 1st place.
All of my sceneries are better than this! I know probably hundreds of others who have better sceneries too.
Stardoll has to have something that automatically picks random winners- You can tell they do!

2. Top Designer:
This is just...sad. That & the other 3 fugly designs won only because of people doing play & earn.
If your going to vote and none of them deserve to win, then click the REFRESH button! That's why they added that to this & the catwalk, to PREVENT non-deserving people from winning!

Amazing isn't it? Well, it's not my problem, but still. Seeing stuff like this makes me laugh when I think of MSW, watch some random person win it all :S

1 comment:

  1. I KNOW RIGHT?! They are so fugly.