Sunday, January 31, 2010

HotBuys Tee

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It`s in StarPlaza now!

It`s superstar(ahh,I`m not surprised),it cost 10sds..:O...It`s too much!
But I think it`s cute!

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Sorry for the picture (too small)



I (finally) know how to do the spoilers.
Most of you probably are wondering what took me so long. 

Anyways, it's 1 am here so expect me to post some spoilers tomorrow or the next day. 

Friday, January 29, 2010

Yeah,I`m here!

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Heey everyone,I`m sorry for not posting...
Aah..I˙m very sorry,I promise it wont happen again!
I just saw it Underneath Stardoll...and I saw them spoilers:"Moodi Wear Clothes"
It was comp only for UK you remember?
Too bad I`m not from UK....xDD

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Thanks to Underneath Stardoll

I think they are cute.

What do you think about them?


Thursday, January 28, 2010

DanPuff's Speaks.


Woah! Go Dan :] 
I admire him for being a guy on stardoll, and not buckling under the pressure. 
If you are an A-Ler then you know what I mean. 

If you have no Idea, watch the video. 
Lets see if I can figure out how to post it. 
There's the link until I figure out how. 

After you watch it come back and comment. 
I thought Dan was brave to be posting that. 
And listen to the end and tell me what you think of it. 

She's back Biatch. ;D

Yo Yo YO !! Im back! How are you wonderfulls? Im so sorry, Im sure cam told you what happened :]
Anyways! I have a new blog now? Its about hte stupid, Hilarious and just plain Lol-worthy things you see on stardoll :P
Its called - Feel free to check it out!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Hair!

Stardoll's coming out with some new hair.
Looks like it's only for Superstars though.

I like 1,2, 5, and 6.
I'll probably be sporting 1 for a long while though.
Do you like them?

Monday, January 25, 2010


The superstar sale is here.
I haven't looked at everything yet, but the things I saw were promising.

Also, there is some really cute (& Exepensive) stuff out not on sale too.
Check it out.


As some of you may have seen in my guestbook or the chat box, LozzyMonkey's blogger account got hacked.
I deleted her blogger account from the staff, so the hacker couldn't write into this blog.
But, she should be back to writing for us as soon as she gets her account back or makes a new one.

Lets all pray.
Okay, one more thing.
I'm kind of wondering where Avril is, aren't you?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

D Magazine

Another Magazine. :]
I like the teaser.
Flashy and futuristic.
I'm excited!
What do you think?

Credit goes to Stardoll's Freak Show.

Friday, January 22, 2010

So that play & earn post....

If you scroll down 3 or 4 posts, you can see my post about the $1 a day coming back.
Yes, you can save that stardollar, but you can only get $50 a month from play & earn (including disposable money)

So you can only play the Play & Earn for 10 days, with that $1, and $4 disposable.
You can play and get $1 a day ($2 some days) and get the amount of saved stardollars as there is in a month. Be sure to keep track though.

I really thought stardoll was changing.
Boy, was I wrong.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Almost 40 Followers.

We have 39 followers.
One more.

For Some Reason.... (New Inspired Dresses.) + more!

Yep. This is another double post, or how many other topics I can fit in it.
I seem to post these a lot.
It's convenient, sorry :)

I feel like the same people are reading our posts.
Yes, we do have 38 followers. But I know for a fact not all 38 are leaving this.
So, I just want to know your out there, and I won't know that unless you type!
We have comment/chat boxes so we know people are reading.
So far my writers are the only one's who have truly used them.
So, just let me know your there, k?
Leave a hi!
or a "Cool Blog!" or "I hate this blog!"
Whatever, I want to hear from you!

Also, Stardoll released some new Inspired dresses.
They are fabulous, so please, check them out.
They are expensive though. (10-13)
and Superstar only.

I am thinking about leaving stardoll as soon as my superstar is up.
That's in 2 months.
I don't know yet.
Elaina (Elainaisback) is in the process of saying her goodbyes, and giving out her MSN.
I'll miss her.
But just because I leave Stardoll doesn't mean I'll quit the blog :]
I'll post, about other things, and maybe have a writing comp or two.
I'm only THINKING about leaving though.

Oh yeah. Last thing.
Our first OFFICIAL blog comp will be happening soon.
About a week?
I'll make a post, and if I get at least 7 people to enter (non-writers), Someone will win
An Antidote Tank
Valued at $100
So, lets start thinking about that.

See Ya.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The One Stardollar a day thing is back! (sorta)

So you know about the Play & Earn games, right?
You play a game, and you can earn up to $5 a day.
Yay! Right?
No, you can't save the money.
Well, Stardoll has updated the system.
You play the games still, but you get to KEEP the first stardollar earned every day.
So now people get the 1 Stardollar a day again.
Thanks for FINALLY listening Stardoll.


Sunday, January 17, 2010


Hey, today isn't really a happy story, and its not for your benefit, its for hte benefit of the victims of the Haiti Earthquakes.
There has recently been an earthquake in Haiti (Pronounced Hate-E)
Of which an estimated 50,000 to 100,000 have died.
I have set off a campaign, with a club, and t-shirts to match.


Buy a t-shirt at LozzyMonkey ’s suite for 5 Stardollars, and raise awareness that clothing and food donations need to be given to your local salvation army, and/or blood donations to your blood bank, so they may be shipped to Haiti to help the ones suspect to the deadly earthquake which 50,000 to 100,000 died. Post this message in 10 superstar guestbooks and on your presentation. LETS GET INVOLVED STARDOLL! Once Lozzy reaches 100 stardolalrs raised, she will donate 100 dollars to funds.
^^ Do as it says^^
Donate to your local charity shop a bottle of water, as the main lack out in Haiti is bottled water.
10 percent of rescues are failed due to dehydraiton at the moment.


I logged on and noticed we had 38 followers today :]
We gained a total of
1 follower!

It's really lame when the highlight of my day is 1 new follower on a blog dedicated to a Girls Dress Up Doll Site.

So what was the highlight of your day?
Let me know in the Comments

(I'm trying this new thing where I ask you a question on the end of all my posts. Cool, Lame, You didn't notice? Comment telling me what you think.)  

Christmas is over, but the weather isn't!

Hey! This is my first official post on this blog!! Woo!
I've decided my section is going to be about what you can do to get the most out of stardoll. Being a member for 3 years, i've definatly learnt some tricks of the stardoll trade ;D
As you can see, there is a sale on in suite shop!
Okay, yeah, i have eyes aswell, and i can see that its christmas stuff, and its past christmas, BUT, that doesn't mean that in the middle of the year, your going to get an urge to create a snow-cold-icy themed room. I would count yourself wise, and buy some snow for 1 stardollar! it was origionally 10 stardollars, and if your still on stardoll by next year, thats a big saving, instead of having to wait.

i would'nt say you should buy the borbels and stuff like that, i've been as imaginative as i can , and still cant come up with anything that would relate to having one out when its not christmas. :P, SO QUICK! GET YOUR BIG BARGAINS NOW!

Chyeeaah! The partys here!

Hey! Im Lozzy, I'll hopefully be writing here at famefashionfun for the rest of the blogs... Life i suppose!?
Anyway, im glad to be here, and i hope to see you soon!
I'll have something up in about an hour! xx

Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Writer!:)

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Hello everybody,I`m new writer for this blog!
My name is Mihaela and I`m from Croatia.I`m 12.
I love Fashion...and I`m crazy about Stardoll..xDD
I`m so happy Cam gave me this opportunity to write here,thank you!:)

That`s all for now!;)


Friday, January 15, 2010

"Can you feel the love tonight?"

February Spoiler.
"Can you feel the love tonight?"

The graphics look pretty good.
The only thing that bothers me are the hands.
Then again, its better then anything I could do.

Back to Blogging :)

Hey Guys :)
I've decided my little blogging/stardoll vacation is over. I have a lot of work to do to keep this blog going.
Some news:
*I may be accepted as one of the writers for the blog Limetricity. 
 I just sent the owner, CatLover103, my email. So I should be blogging there soon.

I am still at SDGossipTrends, but I kind of abandoned them for a while like I abandoned you guys. I'll be back posting there as soon as I finish this post, which could be a while.
 No one else has really been posting there anyways.
I did get a really nasty comment on one of my posts though.

Can you read that, or is it not clear enough. I can't tell, I don't have my glasses on.
lol :)
Someone posted that as anonymous, which I think is sort of cowardly. I also had a hard time reading it due to simple grammatical errors.
e.g. ISZ, qualirfied, ect.

Also, just to make one thing clear, the post was about a girl who I'd seen on stardoll with amazing designs. That's it.
I thought about bringing the comment to the blog owner's (InnerBeautyGirl) attention, but I decided to just let it go. If she's reading this post, then she knows about it.

On a better note, I'm looking for writers! :)
I need some people to help me write so I don't look like a loner.
So, add me if your interested & I'll ask you a few questions to get you set up.
I only have 3 qualifications:
1. You Know how to screen-shot/ make your own banner
2. You know how to use blogger.
3. You know how to type in proper english.
(Not lyk dis bbz. mkay bzchez. u gt dat?)
lol, that was fun to type like that again. Last time I did that was in.....5th grade I think?
I still use mmmkay though. :) its a fun non-word.

So, Comment, Follow, Join.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sorry :)

 Sorry :)
I haven't been posting much. Life had been busy busy.
Sorry about the last, weird post. Chrissy took over my computer and hacked Ashlee's account.
I don't think it will be happening any time soon though :)


Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Me:  But you don't lie me anymore.
Him: Well....
Me: ??
Him: Kinda
Me: By that you mean?
Him: Your right. But we are good friends.
Me: Yeah.

I fhucking love him.
(: We can be friends, for now. Until we meet again my love.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Moodi Club: Free Dress Form!

There's a new UK club in Stardoll called 'Moodi Club'

You can get a FREE dress form if you join the club! Isn't that awesome?

Use this manual proxy: and Port 8080

Then use this link:

AND: When you joined the club, you'll get this Moodi Bar under your suite where you can show everyone your mood!

P.S. Sorry for not posting much, school semester ends soon, but till then I have handsful to do, so I just can't keep 2 blogs at the same time updated.
So sorry :( But I'll try to post more in the next time!

xx Bella

Monday, January 11, 2010

Its been slow....

No one has been posting lately. Well, I have. Kinda.
Anyways, if you want to help write add me on stardoll (drummachick399) or you can email me.
So, help me :)
I don't want this blog to die.

New Chat Box.

I put it on last night. :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

WriteMaryCat's Guestbook party.

I went to Mary's Eternity Premiere party. I didn't know anybody there personally, so I left. Everyone was dressed stunningly there though :)


More Archive coming!

I suppose they will come on hurry to get one of the R&B Dresses!
thanks to Medoll Master

xx Bella

Saturday, January 2, 2010

LilMizzCutie's tagg

Here it is. If you don't like it, I can stick with our first idea. But, I was bored and feeling creative.

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Blog Club

I made a club for the blog.
& the category is Media
(or you can find it on my page)
It is private, but I'll accept everyone. I just like to know who is joining.
I need ALL writers to join!
We need to set up a conference, there is a topic about that.

So join if you like/follow the blog, or at least read the presentation, to see if you'd like it.

New writer

banner4-1.jpg picture by DiamondSugar
Hey everyone this is lilmizzcutie102 i wanted to write for this blog to make it better i hope i can
you can add me and lets get to 100 followers and i will be awards

Hot Designers.

I'm going to start doing a segmant called "Hot Designers."
I'll be showing you a designer that you should check out, one or twice a week.
This weeks "Hot Designer" is Princess_Pink
Thats a link to her suite.

Aren't her designs gorgeous?

Hello I'm New :)

Hi my name is Haley (hugsxnxkisses) and I have just received a spot in working for this blog. I am really excited to get to work and start some real posts, but here is just a little introduction.
Name: Haley
Age: 14
Username: hugsxnxkisses
Favorite Color: Lime green
Favorite Food: depends on my mood
Favorite Store: Urban Outfitters
That's just a bit about me. I look forward to making more posts in the future!

New Magazine Party

Will you attend?

2 Stores Gone

The Viole Holiday Boutique and Barbie Fashionista stores are gone.

No free gift?

I was just wondering...did anybody of you get a free gift this New Year?

I saw nothing in starplaza, in my suite, in magazine or anywhere else..
And the blogs would surely have posted if there would have been something for free...

I'm angry! Why don't we get something free at least on New Year??


What do you think?

xx Bella