Monday, January 25, 2010


As some of you may have seen in my guestbook or the chat box, LozzyMonkey's blogger account got hacked.
I deleted her blogger account from the staff, so the hacker couldn't write into this blog.
But, she should be back to writing for us as soon as she gets her account back or makes a new one.

Lets all pray.
Okay, one more thing.
I'm kind of wondering where Avril is, aren't you?


  1. OMG,OMG
    I`m so sorry,
    I`m here,I guess I`m..but this week/month I have so much responsibility in my real life,I`m very busy in my real life.
    I will try my best to post often I can,if you don`t want me for write anymore,it`s ok.
    I`m sorry,again!

  2. It's fine :]
    I understand.
    As long as you don't ditch us forever, like many of my writers have in the past.

    Just making sure you were still alive! lol