Thursday, June 30, 2011

More Archive items

Stardoll has updated their Starplaza Archive shop:

There are a lot of items back into the shop (minus the few new items in the Stardoll store).
They are reasonable, considering Stardoll only adds $1 when they bring them back.

Will you buy anything? :]

Stardoll Flashback: Tribute Shops

Today I decided to go back to the good ol' days of Stardoll when Stardoll was actually better (in my opinion).

Remember last summer, when there were some good tribute shops with really good graphics? Chanel Tribute for instance, was just amazing!
This isn't the best picture, I found it on Google. If you ever see the clothes, majority of them are made well, and are actually quite fashionable, just like Coco Chanel would want them to be!

Another decent tribute shop was the DVF tribute. 
This wasn't exactly my favorite floor nor store, but there were great dresses, bows, shoes and bags in this store.

Next, we have another cool tribute shop witch I liked, which was Just Cavaili (excuse my spelling).
This store had some great pieces as well, which made them worth the steep prices.

Here we have the Sonia Rykiel Tribute, which was another one of my favorites!
This store had some pretty unique items that were pretty neat! 

The Herve Leger Tribute was again, one of my favorites.
This store had some amazing dresses, which I still own & have people begging me to sell.

Most of the items in these stores are sold for high prices, except the ones that Stardoll is giving out for free (which I think is crap!)

Now, let's compare those awesome stores to this year's stores:

You've already heard my opinion on each of these stores. Now I want to see what you think!

If you had to choose which stores you would want to stay in/come back to Starplaza, which ones would you choose?
Do you think Stardoll is purposely cheesing out on the quality of these tribute stores?
Why do you think Stardoll has let the quality of their clothes go down?

Let me know in comments! :]

Monte Carlo Club

So y'all know about the new movie that comes out tomorrow that Stardoll has been advertising about like crazy? Well now they have a club, where if you join you get free gifts for every 10,000 people that join!:

If you join now, you won't get the sunglasses but you will receive all the other gifts as members join!
So it's better to join early than late! :D

Offers & Reminders

These pretty much summarize the important news for the day:

So basically, the $199 Beach Villa ends today
Exchange day is tomorrow
& you can pay $59.25 (I think) for all the stuff in the last one.
I just don't think my mom would be too happy if I ask her to spend $60 on her credit card that could be going towards my PS3 money :S

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Miss Sixty Outfit

 I had some spare time on my hands, so I decided to make an outfit with the new Miss Sixty Headphones top:

As you can see Stardoll made the top funny as it cuts off weird. 
You can still make a decent outfit though! :]


From all the items I used (minus the bracelet) your total would be $27 (in Stardollars)
If you add the bracelet from Epiphany, it would be another $13, making your total $40, which is too expensive (unless you already own the bracelet).

Here's the RL version of the tee:
(Credit goes to & Google!)

While I was there I also found more RL versions:

Thanks to Google Images & Miss Sixty Shop sites :]

New Miss Sixty

This morning, the new Miss Sixty came out:

These items are the typical Miss Sixty items & priced about the same as the others.
Some items are nice, while others I don't think I'd every buy in my lifetime :P
So what do y'all think?

Monday, June 27, 2011

Stardoll doing their Job?

I know this is completely random, but I have some proof that Stardoll can do their job efficiently sometimes:

Yesterday I sent a complaint in that I cannot access my old second account which has a crap load of old Hotbuys and stuff. It was "deactivated".
I sent this message about 6:00 yesterday, and I woke up this morning & saw their response.
I'm not sure which surprises me more: The fact they actually reactivated my account or that they sent me a response in less than a day.
Maybe Stardoll can do their jobs every once in a while :P

July Hotbuys

Here are the Hotbuys for July:
Release dates:
Hotbuys Belt: July 3
Hotbuys Pleated Dress: July 6
Hotbuys Earrings: July 8
Hotbuys Shoes: July 11
Hotbuys Cape: July 14
Hotbuys Necklace: July 16
Hotbuys Dress: July 19
Hotbuys Turban: July 23
Hotbuys Jacket: July 16
Hotbuys Butterfly Bag: July 28

Here are a few of the Real Life versions (Thanks to HB Addicted):

Earrings & Necklace by Danielle Scott

 Bag by Topshop

I have to say these are some of the best Hotbuys I've seen in a long time. They kind of remind me of the November 2009 Hotbuys for some odd reason-probably because of all the black & purple!
So, what do y'all think? :)

Alice + Olivia Tribute

This morning came out another tribute shop called Alice +Olivia Tribute:

Like with all the other tribute shops this summer, I am very disappointed. I bought one thing from this entire collection.
I hope Stardoll can get their act together soon >:(

Friday, June 24, 2011

50% Sale

It's that time again:
The 50% sale is now going on in Starplaza!
I took a quick skim through the stores to see what's on sale.
My favorite thing I found was this dress, that I originally paid $16 for >.<
Majority of the sale items are in the Basic stores- Rio, Stardoll, etc.
Get em while they last :]

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hotbuys Beach Bag

The new Hotbuys beach bag is out:
The bag is $10!
I think the bag is nice, but Stardoll is still being lazy by copying LE :P
What do you think? :)

Stardoll on Facebook

If you were following Stardoll on Twitter you would know that Stardoll had a surprise coming. Well here's the surprise:

You can play Stardoll right on your Facebook account :o
I honestly don't see the point of this...if you're on Facebook on the computer why not just get on Stardoll iteself?
I guess you could invite your friends though or see who has an account...that's probably the best thing.

So, will you use Stardoll on Facebook?

(And yes, my Facebook is in English Pirate)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Wild Candy

Tonight, Stardoll added another floor to the Wild Candy Shop:

As you can see, everything is priced at 123 starcoins, which is obviously a glitch.
So, I recommend not buying anything until Stardoll fixes it, so you don't lose your money.
I have to say though, these clothes are quite nice! I will be buying the orange top, and maybe the blue dress :]
 Will you buy anything? (:

Penthouse Changes

Ok, so Blogger is still being a douche >:(
But the Penthouse now can have different backgrounds, like New York, Paris, & Istanbul (Sounds like I'm naming something for World Monopoly :])
You can also add rain,day, night, or shine.
I think it's about time Stardoll let us have more freedom with these expensive rooms! :] 

Film Theory

Stardoll released a brand new shop this morning called Film Theory:

Now, Blogger is acting up for me so the images ain't coming on to the blog once they're uploaded. >.<
I'll try to post them later if Blogger will let me, it's been giving some problems lately.

So, if you do go to Starplaza & see the shop, the items have reasonable prices in Stardollars. There are a few Starcoin items, so that's a good thing I guess.

Again, sorry for the pictures. Damn Blogger! >:(

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Windows on the World Floors

There are 2 new floors added into the Windows on the World shop:

These floors are dedicated to the Women's World Cup, which I believe takes place in 2 weeks.
All the items are available in Starcoins, so anyone can support their team :D

Monday, June 20, 2011

"But I'm not a hacker": Don't fall for the traps!

 Oh lord, don't you love people who try to seem all innocent & hypocritical.
Well just a few minutes ago, I was dealing with one. Let's start:

So here's the background. I told her I don't chat, which I don't like to. This moron apparently doesn't get what I'm saying:
For you fellow bloggers, you know that I'm on Blogger updating (Or on Facebook,facebook-ing) so I don't pay attention to chat, but I'm always on Stardoll 24/7 (Not literally, but over 12 hours a day...)

So next we get on chat, and she asks me the same stuff. I give her the clearer explanation.
Then she says "I'm not stupid or a hacker. Your mean" (I tried to screenprint this, but she logged off chat)
Then I had to give another explanation, saying that if you spent several dollars of your real money and put so much time into your suite, etc, and busting your ass to do it all, you wouldn't let anyone on your account. (I tried to screenprint this too)
She said: "Ya I would"
My response:

Then it goes on to another long speech.

What I'm trying to get across- Don't fall stupid to the sweet-talkers. You know how guys sweet-talk you into having sex with them and all? It's the same exact thing here, except you lose your account in a virtual world which isn't as bad as being knocked up and getting scolding from your parents. 
Don't be an idiot and let them hack you! Stardoll isn't going to do crap about it except give you a letter saying "You shouldn't of given your password out", blah blah blah.
Been there & done that with my old second account.
Don't go to unknown sites either, and don't go to any site a person claims to be Stardoll. Real Stardoll has /en/ at the end. Don't be stupid and log in to a fake one, because you can say goodbye to your real account.

Stardoll Safety is important because losing your account is 100% preventable. You have to be smart and not fall for traps. Because once you fall, no one is going to help you up.

Hotbuys Butterfly Sandals

The new Hotbuys Butterfly Sandals are out:
The shoes are $14 and for SS.
These shoes are great for summer and all, but these would be quite hard to find an outfit with D:
Since I'm bored, I decided to create a quick outfit for y'all. I'm probably gonna wear everything except the belt & clutch tomorrow :)

Now, here's the fun part:
I want y'all to come up with an outfit with the shoes!
I'll feature them in a post :D