Thursday, June 30, 2011

Stardoll Flashback: Tribute Shops

Today I decided to go back to the good ol' days of Stardoll when Stardoll was actually better (in my opinion).

Remember last summer, when there were some good tribute shops with really good graphics? Chanel Tribute for instance, was just amazing!
This isn't the best picture, I found it on Google. If you ever see the clothes, majority of them are made well, and are actually quite fashionable, just like Coco Chanel would want them to be!

Another decent tribute shop was the DVF tribute. 
This wasn't exactly my favorite floor nor store, but there were great dresses, bows, shoes and bags in this store.

Next, we have another cool tribute shop witch I liked, which was Just Cavaili (excuse my spelling).
This store had some great pieces as well, which made them worth the steep prices.

Here we have the Sonia Rykiel Tribute, which was another one of my favorites!
This store had some pretty unique items that were pretty neat! 

The Herve Leger Tribute was again, one of my favorites.
This store had some amazing dresses, which I still own & have people begging me to sell.

Most of the items in these stores are sold for high prices, except the ones that Stardoll is giving out for free (which I think is crap!)

Now, let's compare those awesome stores to this year's stores:

You've already heard my opinion on each of these stores. Now I want to see what you think!

If you had to choose which stores you would want to stay in/come back to Starplaza, which ones would you choose?
Do you think Stardoll is purposely cheesing out on the quality of these tribute stores?
Why do you think Stardoll has let the quality of their clothes go down?

Let me know in comments! :]

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