Friday, August 28, 2009

School Dance. :D

Tonight we had a dance at our school.
"Yay!" right?
It was funn....most of the time.
Three of my ex's came up and attempted to 'grind' on me..
I wasn't even dancing.
They pissed me off.

But I got to hang out with my awesome friends and had a blast!
Any dance stories? Share!


For the writers.....

I Updated the Blogging program thingy.
So if it seems different, it is.
I hope this will make it much easier to post.
But if it doesn't I will change it back.
So far I really like it though.



Stardoll has finally opened a new addition to the Starplaza, Moxie. Yes, most are excited, but if you're not the rainbow type, this store might not work for you. Sure, they have some cute items, and mis matched is ok, but lets not exaggerate. Mis matched tennis shoes? Why would we want to wear those? I personally don't dislike the store -I bought a couple things there just the other day- but the video? It's taking cliche` to a completely new level. "Bold is better?" "Every girl has the strength to do something amazing, anything is possible with the courage and confidence to stay true and never give up on your big dreams." Can someone tell me what that has to do with the brand? With the clothing? Sure, a little motivation is nice ... But what is that over used phrase supposed to motivate you to do? Buy the overly colorful and wacky clothing from a store where they think bell bottom jeans are still 'in' enough for us 21st century girls?
I certainly don't think you shouldn't buy anything from that store just because of it's cliche` phrases, stripes and mis matched shoes ... Just be aware, you just might end up looking like a clown. Nope, there is nothing wrong with being different, but lets not make a fool of ourselves.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Double Hotbuys?

They posted double hbs again.
No pics today, sorry.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

In Desperate Need of Writers.

I am in desperate need of more writers.
This is just a Mini-Post so no pics.
Contact me if interested.


Warriors Post!

Yes I do adore the Warrior Cats Books.
They are Purrrfect (= Such a nerd, I know.
Kitty Jokes. haa.
Anyways, the website has a lot of new feature since I last logged on (
and I wanted to share them with you all.
1. Erin Hunter has written a new Book. Bluestar's Prophecy. It looks amazing and I can't wait to get it and read it =D

2. She added a Warriors Time Line. I'll Have some detailed instructions to the great new feature below.
The timeline tells you what happens in the books. In order, and its very helpful if you forgot a major point in one of the Many great books. But BEWARE of Spoilers.

First off, you select a series (Original Warriors, The New Prophecy, Power of Three) and select it. That will give you access to all the books in that series. So if you are searching for a certain book, this is helpful.

Then you see a timeline come up, like the one below. I have selected Original Series, and it is showing me the first book 'Into the Wild.'
[One of my favorites.]

Click the Arrows to View More that happened in the book.
So far it shows the first two major Details.
If you want to read them, click the image to enlarge.
I think the time line is great, and if you can't quite remember what book Fireheart went to windclan in, this timeline is for you.

3. So, they are adding a new Feature next month (September) and its an interactive Warriors adventure game. I cannot wait to see what that is all about. I really am not fond of the other games on there, maybe this one will be better.

Thank you all from My club WarriorCats.
This was for you <3>
ElvisSong. (Camille)
haha my cat name :P

Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana Club

Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana Club!

Pheew, that's a mouthful. x]

Well, there's a new sponser club called....well I don't feel like typing it again but it's the title of this post. lol

Quite honestly, I find it sorta boring, but hey. You do what you want.

You can post about anything......

Normal Stardoll club rules still apply and all that jazz....

Well, nothing much to say about it.

I would put a picture but my paint application is broken.

Over and out!


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Double Sweater. High Price.

Stardoll put the same sweater up twice.
Get the hotbuy while its $8.
I don't particualy like it though.

Yeessss.! I know its amazing.

My computer posts images again :]

Lucky me.



Monday, August 24, 2009


Hey Girls.!

Okay my computer is being utterly stupid and that means I cannot post a picture name tag.

It'll be fixed next week, so no worries.

I have a few tidbits to share.

1. Stardoll is being completely and utterly boring and is giving me absolutly nothing to blog about. Grawr. Stardoll staff, please post/do something interesting. Maybe new clothes.?

2. That 'New Clothes' comment I just ended my last paragraph with is pretty much what this one is about x] what a qua-wink-y-dink (or however you spell that funny word.) There is a new shirt I ABSOLUTLY lovee. <3 Well, anyways, I am going to have a superstar "Who wore it better?" comp on this blog.
I have 2 entries right now. I need at least 10 to start. So buy that shirt and enter superstars.

3. Awww I love you guys so much! I have been getting messages from you users regaurding Brent. Some on his side -_- but most were really sweet and comforting to me.
No one has written "I hope he drowns in a hole of bleach" yet.
Thats disappointing.
Ah well, I love you girls.

4. Join this blogs OFFICIAL CLUB.
Its called FameFashionFun and can be located in my suite [drummachick399]
So join.
We only have 4 members :(

Well thats it.!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

-BreakUp- O_o

Yes. I had a boyfriend.
3 hours ago I had a boyfriend.
Brent. -_- ewww..
I don't know what I saw in him.
Here's what happened.

I texted him.
Our exact convo.
> Me

>Hey Babe(:
Erm this is awkward.<
>What is??
Don't Text Me<

So I called him.

Don't Talk to me. Ever<
then he hung up.
I never got a word in.

I SO don't want to deal with this retard tomorrow. -_-
Now I am just sitting in my room listening to depressing songs.
Livin' the dream.

Sorry about the rant.
No NameTag but you know its me.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Stardoll opened up a new store called Moxie.
I am not fond of it. -_-
But what do you think.?


Friday, August 14, 2009

School Teacher

Hello peeps. Bambi here!

I'm pretty sure you've all heard of the new clothing brand School Teacher.
I don't like it.
But that's just my opinion.
I'm tellin ya, Stardoll is running out of ideas.
I do not know onw person who would want to dress like a teacher. O_O
Here's a sample :

See what I mean?
But, if you like it, I guess you choose what you wear.

Over and out! :P


Thursday, August 6, 2009


Hey Everybody! Bambi here.
I just wanted to talk to you about BANDSLAM!
I don't know about you, but I really want to see it :]
Look at what Stardoll gave us!!

Cool huh? Now we have friends with us whenever x]. lol

Stardoll is sponsering the movie, so make sure you check out the trailer!
I think it's awesome!
So go see it!
Over and out ;]

P.S. I FINALLY got the hang of this blog. lol


New Beginnings.

Hey Guys.!
Just stopping by. Its 2a.m. here. lol =D
Anyways, we have a new era with this blog.
We have a new writer, [Bambi]
and Now a Club, called FameFashionFun
So new beginnings (=
Welcome Bambi!
Post anything you want. [Keep it PG13 at least, pleasee.]
and just make yourself at home. You are now part of our blogging family, and I hope we continue to grow.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

School Girl.

Okay guys. So stardoll FINALLY released some new clothes today.
School Girl Clothing.
I can't say I love it.
But I am just going to leave it at that so you can make your own judgements.


Bambi here!

Hi everybody!!
This is cutieluvxo here. I just thought I'd introduce myself.
My real name is Bambi :]]
If you're active in OriginalClub you maybe already knew that.
Thank you Camille SO much for giving me a spot here!
I can tell we're going to have so much fun!
Over and out! :P

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

cutieluvxo's nametag.

Okay, so I (as in camille) made cutieluvxo a nametag thingy.
Tell me how you like it.
I was in a hurry, but I think it's pretty good for 10 mins (=

New Stuff (=

Okay (=
First I wanted to talk about the new HB Skirt.
It is very similar to my old one, look:
I think stardoll needs a new creative team O_O
Also, Do you like my new Tag thing?
I just finnished making it, and I really like it.
Tell me what you think, Okay?
A New Writer (cutieluvxo) may be joining us soon.
We have been friends for a while now and she is an incredable writer.
Well thats all for now.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Kohl's Expect Great Deals

Kohls Brand is back.
And they Brought Mudd.

Cheap clothing that is beautiful, and non-superstar.
(Should make you guys happy.)

So the 3 Kohl's Brands are:

Abby Dawn [By Avril L.]
Candies [By Brittney Spears]
(No matter how hard I try I cannot spell Avril's Last Name. lol)
The Clothing is Fabulous.
look at this outfit I put togather:

Cute Righttttt?

Well, I better end this before I start rambling,

Free Hotbuys?

Yes, Stardoll has decided to be generous for once and give out something free. Hotbuy Shoes. They are beautiful.

Only problem is they are Superstar.
Sorry Nonsuperstars, you can't buy them ):


I'm back!

Hey Guys, I'm Back after a long [and well needed] break from the blog.

Some things are going to change now, and for the better.

First off, I am going to find another experienced writer, to help me with the blog. Contact me through stardoll please [=

Secondly, I will be blogging a lot more frequently, so keep on logging on!

Oh Yeah! I forgot to tell ya'll, my real name is Camille, Not Ashlynne.

And I totally need a new name tag (=