Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sorry :(

Hello Readers :) You may Not remember me , but i'm an old writer.. And i'm known as Kiar0uzzz ... But this is a long story .. they hacked me they deleted my account and now i baught a new one called Marija-k-6 . i havn't been active for a verry verry long time :( And i'm really sorry for that .. mabay even the owner won't rember me .. but i hope she will...Also you can find some of my old posts as Kiar0uzzz in Octomber 2010  anyway ... i'm here to tell you that i have not enought time to write like all this time BUT i will be doing some comeptition 'coz we have 158 Follower !! Wiii :)

Sorry again , Kiara / Marija-k-6