Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mini-Comp Results and New Questions!

Hey guys! So, I have decided to do mini-comps on the weekends. Sounds good?

Anyways, yesterday I asked for someone to tell me what collection the Hotbuys Nikes were from.
Natasha-rox286 got the answer correct, which was May 2007:

She will receive $30. Contact me in my guestbook to claim your reward :D

For today, it's a two-part question.

Who designed this dress?
What store/collection is it from? (Ex: Stardoll, Summer 2011)

If you're the first person to get both answers right, you receive $30
If you get one right, you receive $15, and the person who gets the other answer right first gets $15.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Want To Win Some Money? ;)

So, two weeks ago I said I was giving away $30 to a few lucky commentators. Well. there was one girl who commented a lot, and that was NessisaMess, who shall get $75! :D

Thank you for commenting!
For this week, the five people who comment the most will receive $30 each. I will try to post more than just news, so that there will be more to comment on, but I start camp this I cannot make promises.. :/

I will start doing weekly mini-comps. They will be assorted, yet simple.

For this one, you need to tell me what Hotbuys collection the Hotbuys Nikes were in, which would be the month and the year (Ex: August 2011)

First person to tell me in comments correctly will get $25.

So, let's get this started! :D

Friday, July 29, 2011

25% Off PopShop

This pretty much speaks for itself:
If you plan on buying PopShop items, then the time is now. 25% off is not much, but it is better than full price.
What do you think about this sale?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Chance To Win 100 Stardollars

Want to win $100?
Well, if you follow Stardoll on Twitter & re-tweet the following, you can enter for $100:
(You have to do it from Stardoll's page, this is just showing mine)

So, will you enter for $100?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hotbuys Purse

The Hotbuys Purse is now out in Starplaza:
 This purse, inspired by the Butterfly purse from Topshop, is $12 and the last hotbuys of the month.
With that being said, I admire the purse, but not the price.

The real life version as I previously stated was by Topshop:
(Credit: Hotbuys Addicted)

Are you going to buy this $12 butterfly bag?

Kitsch Now In Starplaza

The classic Kitsch store is now out in Starplaza under decor:

Spread out over eight floors, it is all the same stuff that was in the suite shop (and still is).
I just think Stardoll did not need to waste all this effort on making an unnecessary store.
But whatever floats their boat.

Any opinions on this?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ramadan Calender

It is that time of the year again and Stardoll has brought back the Ramadan calender:
You will be able to open the first surprise tomorrow. 
This is a great way to get some freebies or cheap items! :D

Click HERE to go to the calender

OC Drama?

Original Club, Stardoll's first ever club, was deleted this morning:
Of course, you have that one person who just has to steal the name and make a new club:
The new club has over 1,000 people in it already.

So what is the cause of all this craziness in popular clubs like MSW & Stardoll Royalty (just two of them that i am in)?
What everyone is saying is that the police are investigating a child pornography case involving a 11 year old, Lavenderluva, who was stripping on Tinychat. Her account is deleted as well.
This isn't Lavenderluva's first offense, as she got someone else deleted off Stardoll as well. (MSW)
Several people in OC took snapshots of her stripping, and they showed their parents, which is why the police are now involved in this. They are checking every post in the club, and it will be closed for a temporary time.

Here are some posts in MSW and Stardoll Royalty about this:

If I get anymore details, I will update this post.

What do you think about this?
Can you believe an eleven year old would do such a thing?
Do you think Stardoll needs to update their security so the police do not have to get involved?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Hotbuys Jacket

 Oh lord oh lord. Huge, black jacket? $24? This just screams "I am going to suffocate you in the heat!"

Haha, enough of my shenanigans. The Hotbuys jacket is out now, which is an expensive $24.
The jacket itself is nice, but I think it would be better for an October hotbuys, and not for end of July!

The real life version is by Fashion Fringe:

(Credit: Hotbuys Addicted)

What do you think? Is this jacket worth $24?

Moschino Tribute

Well, today starts my official last week of summer. No, school doesn't start back for me until late August, but I'll be at school for eight hours a day playing music in 105F degree weather for a few hours and the rest inside. Such fun...
Anyways, the newest tribute store is the Moschino Tribute:

I have head of Moschino here and there, and I was hoping that Stardoll had finally made some decent clothes for once this summer. Yet again, I was wrong.

The pieces in this store just look funky to me. Honestly, I like the checkered skirt and most of the headbands. The shoes are pretty decent, but nothing to write home about. I just think these colors and mix-matched prints are just turning me off from this store. 

Here are a few of the real life versions. 

While searching for these, I found some amazing hats that Stardoll should of released. 
Oh well...what do you think about this tribute?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tragedy Day? I Guess So.

July 23, 2011. For some, it was just another ordinary day of summer weekend. For others however, are in shock, sadness, grief, anguish, and more unnameable feelings.

This morning, 92 innocent lives were taken in Norway because of one cruel, heartless man, who bombed a portion of Oslo City, killing seven people. Once done with that he went out to the island of Utoya where teenagers were camping. He disguised himself as a police officer and lured the teenagers. telling them that they would be "safe" with him, which was obviously a huge chunk of bull. He then whipped out a gun and shot eighty-four teenagers/adults. He is going away to prison, but Norway only allows twenty-one years in prison, which I honestly think is messed up. If it was up to me, I would be giving him the death chair, as I believe that if you take away someones life, you should lose yours.  But, what goes, goes. Just keep Norway in your prayers, as this was the worst tragedy to strike their country since WWII.

On to the second loss of the day, British singer Amy Winehouse has died, at the young age of twenty-seven.
It is a shame that this talented woman has lost her life at such a young age, however, I am not surprised that her drugs and alcohol overdose caught up with her. It shows how overdosing on drugs/alcohol can hurt you.
They are saying it could of been a possible suicide, but right now, how she died is unconfirmed. 
I was never a fan of her or her music, but R.I.P ma'am. Your fans will certainly miss you, as well as the music industry.

It is just shocking that all this has happened in a mere twenty-four hours. It goes to prove how messed up this world is.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Hotbuys Turbans

The Hotbuys Turbans are now out:
They are $11 each, and I'll be honest, I didn't expect to see two of them!
Honestly, they are made well, but that price just isn't looking nice to my wallet's eyes.

The real life version is by Prada:
(Credit: Hotbuys Addicted)

I honestly do not know what I would wear a turban with, but I am always surprised at what I end up wearing on my doll. In real life though, I would be sweating like a dog with that on my head. 

So, will you buy either of the turbans? :]

August 2011 Hotbuys

Here is the August 2011 list:
Navajo Earrings-August 2nd
Bear Hat-August 5th
Chinoise Blazer-August th
Cheetah Stole-August 10th
Beatlemania (Dress)-August 13th
Leblon Miniskirt-August 16th
Bow Plattoms (I think platforms would be more accurate)-August 19th
Bouquet Purse-August 21st
Chevron Leggings-August 23rd
Firework Dress-August 31

I think these Hotbuys look great, even if they have more pink than I would like. None of them come out on my birthday (In 2009, the striped green sweater came out on my birthday), but the leggings come out on my first day of school :P
 The names were so weird and some of them got cut off by Stardoll, so I put a question mark since I wasn't 100% sure on what Stardoll meant, so I apologize.

So, are you ready for August? :) I know I am!

Shake It Up Store Out

There is a new store out called Shake It Up:
The store is only available in the UK, but you can get all the items in your dressing room by clicking HERE.
Credit for this information goes to Underneath Stardoll.

The store looks reasonably priced, but I don't know if I would buy something.
What do you think? :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bullying, Scamming, and Waning

Have you ever had one of those days, where you are online and you are trying to control the water in your eyes from streaming down your cheeks. You are anxiously awaiting the reply, if any, from the complete stranger who can be thousands of miles away, who has just crushed your whole world-your virtual, online fantasy world known as Stardoll. Once you have finished dealing with the shenanigans online, you then get off the brain-washing device and either hit your best friend-the soft, cushy pillow on your bed, or you grab your iPod, plug in the headphones, and drown out the cruel, harsh environment that surrounds you.

 Admit it, you have been through similar situation to this. You were either in tears, ready to sob every ounce of water out of your body, or you were ready to unleash hell on someone with all the rage stored up in your being, while another person is celebrating with joy, as they either successfully damaged one's self-esteem to a new low, or got away with getting some new, precious rares or more stardollars to add in their virtual wallet. You cannot control the actions of another human being. That is like trying to control the weather-it is impossible.

 On Stardoll, or any site on the huge online universe, people get bullied or harassed every single day. No matter how hard you try to protect and promote anti-cyberbulling, there are cruel children, teens, and even adults who are completely clueless on how a few words, or even one, can affect the self-esteem of one person. No matter how bad-ass you try to act, deep down in your heat, you are hurt. Some can get away with covering up the pain by keeping the clouds away by never letting their sunshine fade. Others however, do not have the same ability, or tolerance, to keep the sun shining, therefore the dark, stormy rain clouds hang over their head, as they are trying to re-coop their lost self-esteem, which can take merely a few hours, or a few months.

  When on Stardoll, or anywhere online, you may just be sitting back in your chair, having a good ol' time chatting with a friend or an acquaintance, maybe knowing little to nothing about what they are suffering through that very moment. You may decide to let your inner comedian unleash, and crack a joke or be sarcastic. You are then trying to figure out why your so-called-friend is upset or offended, when you were simply just joking around. Every one of us have different views on things, and get offended on different subjects. Your so-called funny joke may have been "laughing my fat ass off funny" to you, but heart shattering to another. What you think is right, may be morally wrong to another.

 On Stardoll, 99% of the time, you are talking to complete strangers you will never meet in person. You do not know their background story, their lifestyle, or their beliefs.  You can not just shove something down someone's throat and expect them to be perfectly fine with that. It may turn out that what you said is the complete opposite of what they were raised to believe. If someone was to shatter what you believe in, your dreams, your well-being, would you accept that? In reality, would you just stand there perfectly still while someone is teasing you, abusing you, or harassing you? Of course you wouldn't, you would be standing up for yourself.

 On Stardoll, it's the same. Do not think because you are older, bigger, or popular that it is okay to bully someone. What makes you better than that person? Just because you may be superstar or have better clothes, makeup, and a better suite does not make you better than that person in general. And scamming/hacking? Why do you deserve to get rares, stardollars, and accounts for cheap? Why can't you just be a good citizen of Stardoll and pay up like everyone else? Would you be on "Stardoll Welfare" if there was such a thing? You would not be, which is why you have no excuse. Just because you are not fortunate enough to be a superstar does not mean you have to take it out on one to make yourself feel better. It can crush their feelings deep into the ground. I know, as I used to be a vulnerable pre-teen myself. My friend and I both had our hearts crushed by cruel, heartless, attempting to be bad-ass people.

 On the other hand, if you are superstar, you should not bully those who are not as fortunate as you. They may be lucky just to own a computer and even have internet. They may choose not to waste their money on a virtual site, which is pretty smart. They may be a kindhearted person in general, but would you know that by being a bully to them? That is like going up out of the blue and punching someone in the eye-they may deserve it but most likely they don't. Then they feel like they did something completely wrong and feel self-conscious about themselves.

 While trying to cope up with the pain you may have endured, you also have to stay strong. Yes, it was wrong for someone to harass or bully you, but you have to remember that these virtual friends may not want to hear your pity story. Some of your friends may try to reach out and help you, when others will simply ignore you. It is okay to go to someone for help-if you are not going to be desperate about it. Asking people nicely to buy from your sale is one thing, but when you go crazy and say "HELP I WAS SCAMMED/HACKED BY SO AND SO! REPORT THEM AND WRITE IN THEIR GUESTBOOK! PLEASE BUY FROM MY SALE! I HAVE NO STARDOLLARS :((((". While being scammed, hacked, or bullied is devastating, you also have to understand that others do not want to hear your sop story. As they say, you have to "man up" sometimes. Put on your big kid dippers and hold in the misery until you can find a trustworthy ear to hear you or sympathetic shoulder to lean on. You cannot expect random strangers to help you.

But why would we want to put a person through this misery in the first place? Would you want someone harassing you just because you are not like them? Would you want to get abused just because you are more or less fortunate? Would you want someone taking their problems out on you? No one wants to be a victim of a bully, several bullies, a scammer, or a hacker. You can help prevent someone feeling less about themselves, when they are the best person they can be. You can save someone's life by watching the words that come out of your mouth or on Stardoll-the words that you type with your fingers.

 Next time you want to be a jester, or want to take your anger out on an innocent bystander, like your virtual friend, think twice before you send a message to someone, or before you even type it with your powerful, majestic fingers. You can change someone's life over the internet, either for the better, or for the worse. Your actions and words on the internet play a big role in how others see you. No one wants a bad reputation do they? ;)

Stardoll Getting Desperate?

I received this letter in my inbox today:
If you buy more Stardollars, you get 50% for free. The catch is you have to get them by Sunday.
I guess it's good timing since I was going to get some Stardollars, but Stardoll just seems so desperate.
I guess you got to get the suckers in somehow.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Winner & New Updates!

The winner of our comp is the2glams, so contact me for your $75 :)
Here is her amazing outfit!:

For this week, 10 people with the most comments will receive $30 each. 
I hope to increase it to $50 in the future, but that depends on how active y'all are.
So, let it begin! :D

Posh Magazine: Comparable to Eternity?

You're probably think I'm joking. A magazine comparable to Eternity or Fierce? You must be on crack or something. Well, I'm not fooling around with you. If you haven't read the first issue of Posh Magazine, then you are definitely missing out on an amazing magazine.
Posh Magazine was entirely done by Chace.Clark, who has just swept us off our feet with the stunning graphics and must-read articles. Most people could not pull off an entire magazine by themselves, at least one this amazing. Plus, Rihanna looks amazing doesn't she?

The Graphics-I cannot express how much I love them. They are made well, and just perfectly portray what the article is talking about. I haven't seen well made graphics like these in awhile. Making breathtaking graphics isn't something that can happen overnight and requires a lot of skill. I know I could never pull something off like this.

The Articles-All the articles are well written and are very interesting to read. My personal favorite is the one about the braids, since I can easily relate to it, as I wear my hair in braids quite often since I have really long hair and it's nice to get it off my neck either in a nice french braid or two separate braids.

Chace's tips are highly helpful, and they do make your braids last longer.  ;)

I highly recommend that you read the entire magazine. Click HERE to check it out! I know that you will enjoy what you see and what you read!

New Sea of Stars Store

The first chapter of the Sea of Stars was revealed today and along with it came the Sea of Stars store:

 I will give Stardoll credit as the dresses look nice for the most part. The items are not as cheap as I would like, but that's not a surprise to me. On the other hand, there are starcoin items, like shoes and other accessories.
I may buy a few items from this store when I get the money. 
Will you purchase anything from this store? Are you following the story? :)