Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Posh Magazine: Comparable to Eternity?

You're probably think I'm joking. A magazine comparable to Eternity or Fierce? You must be on crack or something. Well, I'm not fooling around with you. If you haven't read the first issue of Posh Magazine, then you are definitely missing out on an amazing magazine.
Posh Magazine was entirely done by Chace.Clark, who has just swept us off our feet with the stunning graphics and must-read articles. Most people could not pull off an entire magazine by themselves, at least one this amazing. Plus, Rihanna looks amazing doesn't she?

The Graphics-I cannot express how much I love them. They are made well, and just perfectly portray what the article is talking about. I haven't seen well made graphics like these in awhile. Making breathtaking graphics isn't something that can happen overnight and requires a lot of skill. I know I could never pull something off like this.

The Articles-All the articles are well written and are very interesting to read. My personal favorite is the one about the braids, since I can easily relate to it, as I wear my hair in braids quite often since I have really long hair and it's nice to get it off my neck either in a nice french braid or two separate braids.

Chace's tips are highly helpful, and they do make your braids last longer.  ;)

I highly recommend that you read the entire magazine. Click HERE to check it out! I know that you will enjoy what you see and what you read!

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