Tuesday, July 26, 2011

OC Drama?

Original Club, Stardoll's first ever club, was deleted this morning:
Of course, you have that one person who just has to steal the name and make a new club:
The new club has over 1,000 people in it already.

So what is the cause of all this craziness in popular clubs like MSW & Stardoll Royalty (just two of them that i am in)?
What everyone is saying is that the police are investigating a child pornography case involving a 11 year old, Lavenderluva, who was stripping on Tinychat. Her account is deleted as well.
This isn't Lavenderluva's first offense, as she got someone else deleted off Stardoll as well. (MSW)
Several people in OC took snapshots of her stripping, and they showed their parents, which is why the police are now involved in this. They are checking every post in the club, and it will be closed for a temporary time.

Here are some posts in MSW and Stardoll Royalty about this:

If I get anymore details, I will update this post.

What do you think about this?
Can you believe an eleven year old would do such a thing?
Do you think Stardoll needs to update their security so the police do not have to get involved?


  1. I'm never active in the club OC so I have no idea what's happening but judging by the girl stripping, I don't think I want to know.

  2. What made the girl do such a twisted idea

  3. In response to @scaryspice321, I am of the age 13 and believe today's youth are being sexualised too much, due to idols such as Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj, you can never avoid sex, especially on the television, in music and even magazines/newspapers. I do think that even Lavenderluva should have known that what she was doing was wrong. Let alone it could be viewed by anyone in the world, and even pedophiles could watch her. It is child pornography and illegal. They are investigating every single post, damn, I swore several times. Anyway, I pray for her parents, they must be having a hard time knowing several pedo's and younger children watched her strip. Realizing your daughter's a slut must be awful. Oh well, hope she learns her lesson. It will probably come back to haunt her, try getting a job with nude photos and videos circulating around the web!

    - shewasonceit.

  4. It is actually gross to see horrible things,
    Is this what she's going to grow up as ? I hope her mother takes away her webcam , Everyone hates her since she got OC deleted, But I don't blame them from hating her . Because people live on OC.


  5. I'm in Dove Club (Venus87). And I have heard so much about this. I even saw pics of the tinychat. I was disgusted by her nastiness. There was also a 57 and 36 year old man on that same chat room. I can only imagine what was going on his head seeing that he was smiling. They're rumors saying she didn't know her camera was on but really ppl. Even if it wasn't on why did she have her nipple out while on chat. THINK!

  6. I've actually had a conversation with that girl.. it was in an oc tinychat. (I'm nothing188) she was rubbing her teddybears together.. um.. where did she get all of this from is what i want to know. o.o

  7. @scaryspice321 & the first anonymous:
    I 100% agree with yall. Today's world is so messed up! :P

    And I don't think they would delete Stardoll over a thing like this...but I agree with everyone as it was sick and disgusting!

  8. I know I'm a couple months late, but honestly, this girl is CRAZY. Nasty, disgusting... you name it. They brought the topic back up on DC today if you'd like to see it again.

  9. i saw a few pictures and it creeped me out o.o