Friday, July 15, 2011

Hotbuys Lipstick Necklace

Good evening guys! Now let me post on the right blog this time lol >.<

Anyways the Hotbuys Lipstick Necklace is now out:
 The necklace is $15, which isn't surprising. I remember when these necklaces were $8, and I ain't joking!
Long story short, I like the necklace, and on purpose it goes with the recently released earrings, which were designed by the same person, Danielle Scott for Topshop:
[Credit: Hotbuys Addicted]

Honestly, I like the real life version better for some reason, but I have to give Stardoll credit since they did recreate the necklace nicely!

Which one do you prefer-Real life or Stardoll?

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