Friday, July 1, 2011

Covergirl Campaigns: Are they worth the time and money?

Good evening guys! Today was such a slow day on Stardoll, that I decided to do another "behind the scenes" type post. 

Everywhere on Stardoll, you see several girls & boys out trying to win Covergirl/Coverboy.
People go to the extremes-bribing others with rares/stardollars/SS codes, etc.
Others, a lot of others, say "it's their dream".
All those people I mentioned above also go broadcasting frenzy, spending all their free time glued to the computer screen, clicking the words "covergirl", "vote me" "5/5" and send.
After a long day, they go to sleep hoping the next morning, that they will be on the Stardoll homepage.
But out of all the messages sent to friends, broadcasts, comments in others guestbooks, and all the other crazy stuff, is it really worth all that trouble to win one day on the homepage of a virtual site, a trophy, and $25.

Even if you don't win Covergirl, you can possibly end up as National Covergirl, which is what some people run for as well.
But what comes along with winning CG or NCG? Well, NCG, you get a crapload of guestbook entries, everybody & their dog friend requesting you, and album/scenery comments. It's not all bad, just the 200 or so blank friend requests & 15 pages of guestbook entries when you wake up isn't very fun to reply to.
So, if that's just for your country, CG is probably 10 times worse from my assumption.

So basically, you get $25, a trophy, a spot on the homepage, guestbook comments/friend requests/album/scenery comments out the wazoo. 

Is it worth spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on though?

Here is the list of yesterday's top broadcasters:
Now, assuming that they ran for covergirl (or album/scenery), here's what they spent in Stardollars:
1. $1865
2. $1670
3. $1565
4. $1285
5. $1270
6. $1170
7. $1050
8. $900
9. $820
10. $820

Now you see, it can get VERY pricey. This list also wasn't as bad as ones I've seen in the past.
There are some people who send about 1150 broadcasts in one day! That's $5570!
When I ran for CG once, I spend about $1200-so 240 broadcasts, that got me in 4th place I think. Out of all the broadcasters above, only one of them made the top 5 for CG.

So, think about all that time you spent messaging your friends, commenting in others guestbooks/albums/sceneries/dolls, asking for votes in clubs, giving up some of your rares you worked hard to get, and sending hundreds of broadcasts that cost $5 a message. Is it really worth all that trouble just to get some stupid virtual title for one day, a trophy, and $25 (if they still even give that out). That's if Stardoll even puts you in the top 5. They love choosing random members to win-so keep that in mind the next time you go and put all your savings on the line. It's like poker on Stardoll.

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