Friday, July 22, 2011

August 2011 Hotbuys

Here is the August 2011 list:
Navajo Earrings-August 2nd
Bear Hat-August 5th
Chinoise Blazer-August th
Cheetah Stole-August 10th
Beatlemania (Dress)-August 13th
Leblon Miniskirt-August 16th
Bow Plattoms (I think platforms would be more accurate)-August 19th
Bouquet Purse-August 21st
Chevron Leggings-August 23rd
Firework Dress-August 31

I think these Hotbuys look great, even if they have more pink than I would like. None of them come out on my birthday (In 2009, the striped green sweater came out on my birthday), but the leggings come out on my first day of school :P
 The names were so weird and some of them got cut off by Stardoll, so I put a question mark since I wasn't 100% sure on what Stardoll meant, so I apologize.

So, are you ready for August? :) I know I am!

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