Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What Makes Stardoll So Addicting?

Let me guess what you're thinking-another stupid meaningless post.
But hear me out on this. You may be pleasantly surprised ;)

You know when your bored out of your mind and your mind starts wondering to things you may never think of. Well my friend, I'm experiencing that right now. What crazy thing occurred to me? Let's state the fact that I am on Stardoll, just clicking away in Starbazaar trying to find cheap stuff. I've noticed that when I am bored out of my mind, I do the same thing-click my helpless mouse away on Stardoll. What makes me think is: Why is it when I'm bored I always leave other sites & come to Stardoll, no matter what? What makes Stardoll so addicting that every time I'm on the computer, I always have a Stardoll tab open?

Those two questions bring me to my post:
There are 113,984,109 Stardoll members on Stardoll. I bet money that a huge chunk of those members come on at least every other day, if not everyday. Another chunk of are paying Superstars who always refill their membership, and let's be honest here-a lot of us, including me, are guilty. What makes us want to pay Stardoll for a Superstar membership each month? The somewhat nice expensive clothes, the Superstar only hairs, skin tones, facial features, broadcasting, amount of suite rooms, and the list goes on. Is all that really worth $6.95 a month or more? What about Nonsuperstars? They have limited features.

Why do we come back everyday? Is is our so called friends who are virtual strangers? Dressing up dolls & playing games? Creating sceneries? Talking in clubs? The fact we have our own avatar that we can personalize to our own style? The harsh blogging world? All the other crazy reasons? Have you ever thought about leaving Stardoll & realize what your leaving behind? You then realize why you can't just leave everything, unless you have some serious shit going down with your family or school, because we all know damn well that those come before ANYTHING. Especially a virtual site.

I just want you to think about that. Why do you come on Stardoll when you do?
What makes Stardoll so addicting that keeps you on it?
I'm not trying to make anyone feel guilty, because I wonder the same exact things and I'm just as addicted as anyone else ;)


  1. I'm surprised there are no comments on this..it's soo true. I go on every day. I'm not a Superstar...it's weird. I think it's that those who are addicted have built up a reputation on Stardoll...I dunno. The other day, a person left a comment in ma GB, saying that I was probably the most stylish non-ss she had ever seen. The scary thing? This made me more happy then when I got an A* on my english the previous day.
    It's an anonymous site. It's like an escape almost, from reality. You can be whoever you want on there. And, in a world where anonymity barely exists, people kinda crave it..=]
    Wow. I am seriously deep.
    Anyways, I kinda feel compelled to say this : visit my MyPage, my name is Literallii =D I can't help it!
    Love,mwahmwah,Literallii xxx

  2. Gah! Still, after three(ish)years, no one has commented! I am now also guilty of SS payment. Eep. Who knows really, who knows...x

  3. I know why I like it. Its a break from reality and I can buy all the weaves, clothes, friends, houses I want on a scale I never could in real life. Also I happen to like ART and it is a form of art. It relaxes me except when people want to suite chat. I wish there was a separate one for adults though but its really fun.

  4. Yes it is absolutely adicting!! I go on probably nearly every single day and I probably spend heaps of my time designing hairstyles! I end up on stardoll instead of doing the most important things like studying for my tests! Which makes me feel so guilty!!!