Monday, July 18, 2011

Simple Summer Fashion

It's the middle of July and hotter than hell. Of course, you would like to wear something that is comfortable, yet fashionable for summer. Personally, like to dress according to my mood or my surroundings, which is what I share with you today. Here's a simple outfit that is perfect for "beating the heat".

In this outfit, I started off by using the Haruki Tee Shirt from Miss Sixty ($16). White is always a good color to wear in the summer, as it does not attract heat suck as dark colors like black and brown do. The butterfly is a sign of summer in my eyes. When I walk out into my backyard, I'm bound to see a butterfly or two fly around the summer flowers.
To accompany the shirt, I used the Red Shorts from Basics (40 SC). I chose these shorts because in the top you can see little specks of red near the center of the butterfly. The color red also makes the outfit pop.
For shoes, I kept it simple and used the Wedge Sandals from Voile (40 SC). Sandals are nice for summer and go great with most outfits!
Next, for accessories, I used the Heart-Key Necklace ($4),  Stardoll Necklace (10 SC), and the Multi Pearl Bracelet (150 SC). The double necklace is a big trend around here right now, and they add the perfect touch to this outfit so it's not completely boring. I recommend finding a nice hair piece (like the white flower) to add in your hair (My hairstyle isn't the best for that). Earrings are nice as well, just don't get crazy!

 Last but not least, the makeup:
For my look, I first used the $2 Black lengthening mascara. Next, I used the French Vanilla Shadestick ($9) on the inside and the Spiced Coral Shadestick ($9) on the outside. For the inner-upper eye, I used the French Vanilla Shadestick once more, but only one stroke, not several. For the outter-upper eye, I used the Tigerlily Eyeshadow ($6).
You may add blush to enhance the effect, but I do not like the blushes in the Dot store which is why I did not use any. You may also add lipstick too, like a nice red would go great! I just don't like it on my doll, since it doesn't look well with my skin color.

I hope you enjoyed this. If you want to see something here in a post, let me know in comments! :)

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