Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mini-Comp Results and New Questions!

Hey guys! So, I have decided to do mini-comps on the weekends. Sounds good?

Anyways, yesterday I asked for someone to tell me what collection the Hotbuys Nikes were from.
Natasha-rox286 got the answer correct, which was May 2007:

She will receive $30. Contact me in my guestbook to claim your reward :D

For today, it's a two-part question.

Who designed this dress?
What store/collection is it from? (Ex: Stardoll, Summer 2011)

If you're the first person to get both answers right, you receive $30
If you get one right, you receive $15, and the person who gets the other answer right first gets $15.

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  1. Thank :]
    grr, i tried commenting in your guestbook
    its doesn't appear :S