Friday, July 15, 2011

Black Lily Mesh Top Outfits

Good afternoon! I hope you are enjoying your Friday :)

You when you go to Starplaza, and you see an item you know that you would never buy, because you would never wear it because you just don't know what it would go well with? Well, here's a little help with this top:
 I'll start by stating that I don't exactly like the top as I am not a big fan of mesh clothing. However, I did like the bow, or whatever you want to call it at the top left of the shirt, which is why I decided to make two outfits with it:

The outfit to the left is made of the top ($10)
Tube Top (40 SC)
Sheer Strip Hem Skirt ($10)
Three Skirts (40 SC each)
and Silver Heel Pumps (60 SC)*

There are better shoes suited to go with this
 outfit, so just find some you like that you already own
or that are in your price range!

The outfit to the right is a little more simple than
the previous one. In this outfit I used:
The top ($10)
Tube Top (40 SC)
                                     Coco High Wasted Skirt ($8)
Platform Pumps (50 SC)*
Black Pearl Swirl Bracelet ($16)*
Black Rose Ring ($12)*

Like the previous outfit, you can choose whatever shoes suites you best.
You do not have to use the jewelry either, it's up to you!

There are other skirts, shorts, and bottoms that you may use with the top. You do not have to put a tube top under it if you do not like-that's just my preference. 
This is a little off topic but I do recommend that you try to invest and get the ELLE Basic Miniskirt if you do not already own it. It's a great piece that can go with any outfit! I've had mine for a few years and I wear it often! You would have to search Starbazaar and may have to pay a little steep for it, but it is definitely worth it. It would be great to wear with the Black Lily Mesh Top.

If you could, please leave some feedback on what you think.
If there is an item you would like to see used in an outfit, please let me know :)
Thanks ♥

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