Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tragedy Day? I Guess So.

July 23, 2011. For some, it was just another ordinary day of summer weekend. For others however, are in shock, sadness, grief, anguish, and more unnameable feelings.

This morning, 92 innocent lives were taken in Norway because of one cruel, heartless man, who bombed a portion of Oslo City, killing seven people. Once done with that he went out to the island of Utoya where teenagers were camping. He disguised himself as a police officer and lured the teenagers. telling them that they would be "safe" with him, which was obviously a huge chunk of bull. He then whipped out a gun and shot eighty-four teenagers/adults. He is going away to prison, but Norway only allows twenty-one years in prison, which I honestly think is messed up. If it was up to me, I would be giving him the death chair, as I believe that if you take away someones life, you should lose yours.  But, what goes, goes. Just keep Norway in your prayers, as this was the worst tragedy to strike their country since WWII.

On to the second loss of the day, British singer Amy Winehouse has died, at the young age of twenty-seven.
It is a shame that this talented woman has lost her life at such a young age, however, I am not surprised that her drugs and alcohol overdose caught up with her. It shows how overdosing on drugs/alcohol can hurt you.
They are saying it could of been a possible suicide, but right now, how she died is unconfirmed. 
I was never a fan of her or her music, but R.I.P ma'am. Your fans will certainly miss you, as well as the music industry.

It is just shocking that all this has happened in a mere twenty-four hours. It goes to prove how messed up this world is.

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