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Hello. We are the writers of Fame Fashion Fun. :D





About Cam:

Hello(: I'm Cam, and I made this blog in March of 2009. I am 14 years of age, and in highschool. I became a member of Stardoll in late 2007. 
I love the color red and turtles are my favorite animal.
My stardoll user name is drummachick399. 
I really love the stardoll brand Amy Claire and DKNY. I live in California, but I am a huge fan of New York City, and plan to live there when I get older. 
Contact me on Stardoll, via mail or guestbook(: 
♥ Cam

I chose this picture because a very sweet girl, who has now left stardoll, made this for me for free when the blog was just starting out. It was our first banner, and I think it really helped the blog out and got it going on a good note. The dress the doll is wearing, is my favorite HotBuy dress, and the lettering is just phenomenal.


About Maddy:

Start off, I have been a Stardoll member since 2007 [3 awesome years]. I have been a blog writer since July of 2009, but I have been reading blogs since 2008! I enjoy others writing, as well as my own! :D
On Stardoll, I have won album winner, 2 & 3rd place album winner a few times, and 3rd & 4th place covergirl twice. I have made the top broadcaster list several times. I have lots of amazing friends, who I possibly couldn't be on Stardoll without. I had full DKNY,& Hotbuys collections, along with some lottos & MKA RC pieces. I have been scammed so many times, that I just gave up and sold my rares to my closet friend. I have a club which I just brought back to life a month ago, and it's actually quite successful! On to my real life, I am turning 14 soon, on August 26, and I am a freshman this year in high school. I live in Dallas, Texas, and I love it! I am an athlete, and my main sport currently is soccer. I also enjoy football! :D. I am a french horn player, and I am in the wind symphony at our school [The best of the best!]. I am an honor student, and I am very involved with school. I seriously wonder how I have time for Stardoll lol. In my free time though, I love to be on the computer, I love to go duck hunting & fishing, I also love to play with my wonderful animals. I am inspired by what is around me, and my mood. I don't have a person inspiration, but it would probably be Lady Gaga, because being different is always okay. Copying others is just wrong. My style is relaxed & kind of "Tomboy". I am quite lazy nowdays, so I usually don't dress up or such [Unless I have to]. On Stardoll, I let my creativity & style go wild, since I can't buy all those clothes and all in real life! That's probably why I love Stardoll so much! It's like an online Dr. Pepper to me XD


About Elle:

Heyy! It's Elle. I write about Medoll of the Week, Stardoll Gossip, and Fashion Steals and Deals. I started writing for this blog on August 5th, 2010. Can you believe it? Not even 20 days, yet! LOL. Well, your can read more about me here: http://www.stardoll.com/en/user/?id=24719170
 If you DON'T want to read that big ole presentation, here's a summary:

Name: Elle
Stardoll Name:
How long a member: A year and a half on DingDongEater. I had another account, but I deleted it. I was on it in 07-09. I did have rares, from what I remember. :(
Favorite Things: Stardoll, glamour, fashion, 'Glee,' life (sometimes), rain, music and nail polish.
Favorite brands: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Givenchy, Michael Kors, Alice + Olivia, Splendid, Forever 21 (not a brand, but I love the store) and Ralph Lauren.
Favorite Music: Glee Cast, Lady Gaga, classic rock (a la Queen, Aerosmith, etc.), pop, alternative and Broadway musicals. ;) 
My Life: I live a very gleeful life, if you will. ;) I love dancing, school, theatre, choir, painting my nails, fashion magazines, camping, New York City, shopping, Fridays, tv, ducks, acting, drawing, computers, stardoll, cleaning, singing, clear skin, reading, writing, life, parties, 90's sitcoms, shopping, texting, tennis, debate, Shakespeare, science, friends, family, crushes, marc jacobs and most of all, me! :] I enjoy big cities (obviously) and I love fashion. I am so very smart, love life, people and music. :D MORE IS ON MY PRESENTATION!!!!!!!!!!!
Picture That Inspires Me: CLICK TO ENLARGE, PLEASE! I couldn't pick only one picture!  So I made a collage. xD I love the picture of the dogs, the farest left one is really my dog. Radio City Music hall <3 and I am digging the sock monkey. :D I have one in rl. The dresses that are up there are my faves. :D Have my Glee, Beck, Blair Waldorf and Hammy (from Over the Hedge) :D The rest are things I love. :D I hope you like it!!

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Well, that's all for now,