Sunday, October 16, 2011


Yeah, I’m still alive. I haven’t died…yet anyways.
With all the crap going on lately-computer problems, neighborhood problems, marching competitions, and tons of homework, I haven’t been posting at all. I get on about every other day to check messages and buy a few things, but that’s it. Usually, I’m doing that while doing my online chemistry, so you can see I’m usually multitasking, except right now :S
Since right now is crunch time in marching band, and for my research paper in chemistry, I won’t be posting often, maybe once a week, if that. I’m sorry for having to say this, but I’m keeping my grades up this year & I ain’t letting Stardoll interrupt that like last year. So far, I managed all A’s & B’s, but that still ain’t good enough for me. So hopefully when things calm down in November, I’ll be back to posting.
If you need to contact me, just leave a message in my guestbook. I’ll get to it as soon as I get on :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Hotbuys Pleather Skirt is now out in Starplaza:
The skirt is $14, which is pretty reasonable. The skirt itself is nice, but at the same time, it fits funny on my doll. Overall though, it's alright.

So...are you gonna buy the skirt?

Monday, October 3, 2011

October Hotbuys

It's that time again for HOTBUYS!

The dates:
The necklace-Should be released this evening
The rest:
Pleather Skirt: Oct 6
Boots: Oct 8
Jacket: Oct 10
Belt Jacket: Oct 13
Web Sweater: Oct 15
Star Bags: Oct 17
Dress: Oct 20
Tights: Oct 25
Tank: Oct 27

Overall, I'm liking these Hotbuys. I wish there was more of a spooky theme like in the past, but these are pretty fine. I don't like the hot pink boots & bag. That's a no-no for Halloween!

What are y'alls thought's on these Hotbuys?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hotbuys Skirt

Being off Stardoll for two days gets ya behind.
On top of that, I'm sick, AGAIN with stupid allergies >.<

Anyways, the Hotbuys Skirt was released on Friday. 
The skirt is $22 & it's fairly nice. I'm not a huge fan of the style, but I love the color!
I'm actually wearing it right now.

So, that's it...until next time :S

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New MSW Clothes

Good afternoon guys :)

There is a new level in the MSW shop:

The clothes are pretty reasonable, but I don't really like them.
I guess I'm so negative these days... :S
So, have you bought anything?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Hotbuys Emerald Tote

Yesterday evening, the Hotbuys Emerald Tote came out into Starplaza:

  The tote is $14,  which isn't as high as it could be. 
The bag itself just is ugly in my opinion.

The real life version is by Celine, which explains why the tote is just funky looking to me. I don't like that style of bags...
 (Credit: HB Addicted)

Have you bought the bag yet?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hotbuys Anklet Platforms

*hanging head in shame*
Being sick and having to study for tests isn't fun. But hey, I'm back & better (for now).

Anyways, the Hotbuys Platforms came out Friday.

These shoes just aren't that thrilling to me. The anklets are cool, but what would I wear them with is the question here. The $15 price isn't too bad for these nice shoes, so I'll hold back my complaining.

What do you think of these shoes? :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Young Hollywood

Sorry for the lack of posts. I've been very busy and pretty sick with bad allergies :/
Anyways, the new Young Hollywood collection is out.
The collection has a few good pieces, but they are already sold out.
The rest is well...blah to me.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

MSW Doree

It's about time that Stardoll released some new hair colors. But, MSW has gotten its grasp on Doree:
Each of the dyes & highlights are $6, but there was a highlight that was for 6 starcoins, which is a glitch.

Have you bought any of the new colors?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Starplaza News

It's another Monday, which means a lot of stuff happens on Stardoll. So, here's what's up:

First, there is a new collection in PPQ:

The collection isn't too bad. The colors are perfect for fall, especially with Halloween in a month. The items aren't exactly gorgeous, but they aren't bad, since I did spend $80 in the shop.

Next, the gift-o-meter is back:
Pretty much the same procedure as the past. Spend money, get items.

That pretty much covers it I believe. 
Enjoy your Monday! (:

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hotbuys Cardi

Evening everyone.
The newest Hotbuy in store is the Hotbuys Cardi, which is $18
This jacket/cardi is just so fugly to me that no one in my family would wear it. So it means it's pretty darn ugly.
$18 isn't exactly the price I would give this. I would mark it 60-75% off and shove it on the clearance rack.

I do not have a real life version of the jacket, but if you find one do you mind telling me in comments? (;

So, will you spend $18 on this cardi?

MSW Polished

Another day, another MSW promotion...well themed shop I should say.

Stardoll is just way overpriced. Up to $20 for nail polish is a little crazy.
I'm not spending my money for sure! :P

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hotbuys Leopard Top

Good evening guys.
The Hotbuys Leopard top is now out in Starplaza. 

The top is $17, which isn’t too bad, but not exactly what I would like to pay for it. The top itself isn’t too bad, but like I say, I ain’t a huge fan of pink. Without the top sheer part thing, I think I would like the top more than I do.
There is no real life version that I know of, sorry.

Will you be purchasing the top?

MSW Store

The newest store in Starplaza is the MSW store:

The store is pretty reasonable, but I honestly don't care for any of the clothes.
It's just another Stardoll promotion :P

Have you bought anything yet?

Monday, September 5, 2011

Hotbuys Bead Necklace

Buenos Notches everyone (Look at what I learned in two weeks of school).  For those of you who don’t know what that means, it means good evening/night in Spanish.  Learn something new every day right? (;

On to the post, the Hotbuys Bead Necklace has arrived in Starplaza for a reasonable $10.
Personally, I think the necklace is different, but the challenge would be finding the proper outfit to wear it with.  I do like that Stardoll made the necklace black instead of the original gold color that Topshop has. It makes our lives easier doesn’t it?

With that being said, the real life version is by Topshop:
[Credit: Hotbuys Addicted]

Will you be purchasing this $10 necklace? Why or why not?

Mortal Kiss Interior

There is a new interior store, which is none other than Mortal Kiss:
The store isn't really appealing, but it's not way overpriced either.

Are you going to buy anything?

Antidote Glitch?

This morning, there was a bunch of Archive clothes released along with this dress:

As you can see, the tag says Antidote and if you purchase the dress it comes in a fancy bag in your suite:
When you open the bad however, there is nothing on the tag about it being limited like regular Antidote.

What do you think? Is this some weird glitch or what?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bye-Bye Broadcasts-For Now

Maybe that’s just a hare exaggerated, but you get the point.
A lot of you read my MSW post, which makes me smile. Of course, you got an anonymous that doesn’t have the balls to leave their name but says “Vote Me”. LOL *impersonating my section leader*, that makes a lot of sense doesn’t it?

Heading back to my main point of the post, you know all that madness that I warned you about the day hell let loose-I mean when MSW started. You know how I said most broadcasts will have the same message 24/7? Well, that little ol’ broadcasting queue can’t take anymore of y'alls lame messages. I believe it started yesterday (correct me if I’m wrong) when Stardoll actually had to disable the ability to make new broadcasts BUT the messages that are already in the queue will run like normal.

 You wanna know what really makes me laugh? The fact that right now, 10:31 PM Central time, Stardoll is running their little wave of broadcasts. Now, let me ask you this-If Stardoll was backed up on broadcasts, why the hell would they be showing their own when they could free the queue up for new broadcasts? 

It’s not rocket science as I last checked, but all I can say is I am thankful I ain’t wasting money & time on broadcasts.

So, for y'all who have the guts to compete for MSW, how's it going? Do you think you made it to 2nd round, or are you just standing on a knee & a prayer? Also, what's the hardest part about running for MSW? I'm just a little curious to see some of y'alls answers. 

If you are running for MSW & want to be featured in a post or something this week, then let me know. As of right now, I'm voting for The2gLaMs & kmclean150 (two amazing friends of mine). So, if you ain't too busy, swing by their suites & cast em' a vote. :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hotbuys Tee & Kmart

So guys, sorry for not posting for two days. I was getting my learner's permit on Thursday and went to a baseball game after & Friday was well...Friday Night Football.

Anyways, there is a new store out which is Kmart Rebecca Bonbon store:
I take it Kmart hasn't completely disappared after all it just went out of business in most places in Texas.
Back to the subject, the clothes are all NSS except one piece. I don't exactly like the clothes, so that'll be a pass on that store.

Next, we have the Hotbuys Roar Tee:
The tee is $15, *insert usual comment here*, but I do like the shirt. I find the color & style quite nice which Stardoll did a fantastic job recreating the shirt by Topshop:
[Credit:Hotbuys Addicted]

What do you think about the new store & Hotbuys? :)

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Hey guys, sorry for the lateness. I don't get on the computer on Tuesdays due to late practice, just so y'all know.
Anyways, there is a new offer relating to MSW. It's another offer as I see it.. :P

Also, there's a new store in Starplaza called Opulence:
I'm not really impressed by the store, for the fact it's way too overpriced.

Well, that's all for now (:

Monday, August 29, 2011

Miss Stardoll World: Let The Madness Begin

Today, the craziest portion of the Stardoll year has begun.

Every blog you scroll down, every broadcast, every comment on a doll, and every topic in a club is centered on one thing-Miss Stardoll World 2011. The few simple words “Vote me for MSW” is covering about 90% of the site & blogs alone. Inboxes are filled with several messages with one listing the same reasons on why they should win, which we all are familiar with. Miss Stardoll World is basically a covergirl competition spread over a 1 ½ month period with larger prizes & more recognition. What stays the same? The voting system, the endless stream of messages, the bribing, begging and over-exaggerated presentations. Several girls say “It’s my dream to be Miss Stardoll World.” Others create stupid & pointless statements on why they deserve the crown, when deep down in the back of our minds, we know they don’t deserve a damn thing Stardoll has to offer. 

To make matters worse, Stardoll has made a way for the greedy to advertise themselves, which is a little banner like the following, with a link to go along with it that I didn't include.

When it comes to competitions, Stardoll gets their finest graphic designers out of their closets & gets em’ to designing. Such a shame they don’t do that with our overpriced clothes anymore.
Moving on, I see Miss Stardoll World a competition of not who has the best suite/doll/personality, but a contest to see who can get their parents to buy them the most money & codes to waste on a virtual contest that can only give you a slim chance to win a $230 value iPod Touch with your name engraved in it. If you don’t win, then you crawl up into your blankie & pillow pet & sob away until you put your big girl panties on again, and attempt to accomplish something, whatever that may be.

To those of you who are running with the heard for the Miss Stardoll World title, I wish you the best of luck. Hopefully, once you realize you wasted a thousand dollars on a worthless competition, you may wake up & smell the coffee. But whatever floats your boat is cool with me. 

And that my friends, is Maddy's ramble of the day. (;

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mortal Kiss 2 Store

Good evening guys!
The new Mortal Kiss 2 items are now out in Starplaza, but they are only in the new section right now. The actual store probably won’t be out until tomorrow morning.


As you can see, there are several glitches. There is a belt for $0 & $7, a dress for $18 & $30, and another dress for $17 & $26. There are several more, but I hope you can spot those quite easily. I suggest that if you plan on buying any of those items; buy the cheaper ones now before the glitch goes away. Why waste precious money?
Also, Miss Stardoll World starts tomorrow. I don’t know about y’all, but I’m ready for a good laugh. Let’s see who can throw the most money & time down the storm drain by beggin’ & bribin’. It’s not like anyone who actually deserves to win the crown is gonna get it.
Oh well. It’s a funny virtual universe right? (;

Saturday, August 27, 2011

123,456,789 Deals & Mortal Kiss Polished

Sorry for the late post, it was a long night.

Anyways, Stardoll reached 123,456,789 members and to celebrate they have a lot of free items in Starplaza.

Next, there is a Polished collection inspired by Mortal Kiss:

I'm not impressed with the polishes and they are $17. So, I'll pass on those.

What do you think of these things? (Sorry for the crappy's 12:16 am here.)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

September Hotbuys

Hey guys! How's everyone doing? 
Good news is, I finally turn 15 tomorrow. Sad news? Well I probably won't be on until late tomorrow night (expect that EVERY Friday). Also, we've lost two followers. Whatever floats their boat is cool with me.

Anyways, the September Hotbuys list is out!

I honestly think these Hotbuys look great for the most part! There is a lot of green and pink, which I would prefer for the spring. I also think Stardoll shouldn't use furniture for Hotbuys like the dog, but oh well.

What do you think? Are you excited for September?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Zombie Offer & Club

Here's the latest info on Stardoll for today!

First, there is a new offer out:
It's one of those where if you spend enough money in Starplaza, you get rewarded back in Stardollars.
I don't why it has to do with there some holiday I don't know about?

Next, is the Rebecca Bonbon club:
You get free items for joining when the club hits a certain amount of members.

That's all for today folks! (:

Monday, August 22, 2011

Hotbuys Leggings

Hey guys!
I hope yall are doing well! Today was my first day of school and let me tell you I am actually excited for this year (except chemistry...I got the hardest class in the school being in honors, but the teacher is supposedly nice :]).

Anyways, the Hotbuys Leggings came out awhile ago.
They are $15 and not really my style. Well honestly, I wouldn't even try them on. 
The real life inspiration isn't thrilling to me either, but whatever floats Anna Sui's boat is alright with me:
(Credit: Hotbuys Addicted)

So, as of right now with some homework, I am able to manage my time quite well. So, hopefully I'll keep this up and won't abandon y'all again. Sounds cool? (:

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hotbuys Purse

The Hotbuys Purse is now out in Starplaza:

The purse is $10, which isn't too bad, considering it could be $12 or $16. I have to give kudos to Stardoll for doing a nice recreation of the original bag by Topshop.
(Credit: Hotbuys Addicted)

Will you be purchasing this bag? (: