Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hotbuys Tee & Kmart

So guys, sorry for not posting for two days. I was getting my learner's permit on Thursday and went to a baseball game after & Friday was well...Friday Night Football.

Anyways, there is a new store out which is Kmart Rebecca Bonbon store:
I take it Kmart hasn't completely disappared after all it just went out of business in most places in Texas.
Back to the subject, the clothes are all NSS except one piece. I don't exactly like the clothes, so that'll be a pass on that store.

Next, we have the Hotbuys Roar Tee:
The tee is $15, *insert usual comment here*, but I do like the shirt. I find the color & style quite nice which Stardoll did a fantastic job recreating the shirt by Topshop:
[Credit:Hotbuys Addicted]

What do you think about the new store & Hotbuys? :)

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