Friday, March 27, 2009

Save the Earth in 60mins

Earth Hour is coming up an Saturday, and stardoll is making sure you know about it! They have some free clothes in starplaza about earth hour. And they are simply adorable! [as adorable as free can get]

The Fame The Fashion The UGLY

I don't Know about you but I think these outfits are awful, thats just me though. And they are super expensive.
Anyways, To The FAME part. I will be choosing one member of stardoll a week and posting them on this blog in an "It Girl" post.
Contact me through dollmail, email, FameFashionFun Club, or Guestbook if you want to get noticed and I will look at your doll.

Monday, March 23, 2009

April Hotbuys

Stylish Right?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lady Lush Twisted Project

Twisted Right? She deserves to be gone from stardoll.

Blogs Official Club Open

So people have been asking me "Does this Blog have a club I can join on"
Well, now I can finally say YES! The name is FameFashionFun. If you can't find it just go to my suite.

All Writers Must Join So I Can Make you Managers. Models Need to Join too.
I have set this club to Non-Private so anyone Can Join!
What is this Club About?
The new Changes on Stardoll of coarse! And interesting Facts, Style Tips, Modeling Opertunitys, Comps, and More!
Do you want a chance to model or write?
Then Join and I may give you a chance.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


There is a new store, like Limited Edition, but a little less expensive, in some items. ANTIDOTE! I bought a top

and a dress, Hope you can afford some of their awesome clothes. Click to enlarge::Ashy::

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hey, it's me again. Just an urgent note: I got hacked! They spent money, sold nearly all my clothes, and everything. They probably pretended to be me too. But don't worry, I got it back and it'll improve in time. But anyway, I wanted to show you the new St. Patty's day stuff:

Monday, March 16, 2009


$16 Superstar

What do you think?

Yes, It's me AGAIN! I just found something Majorly Creepiful on STARDOLL, Fame, Fashion, Friends.


One of her hands comes off!

It is the Kate Winslet doll, at the moment, only avaliable to Superstar's. But, when the time comes you nons can try the creepyness of the doll.

Also, dolls now come in a white Tee and Jeans. Too many Bra & Panty complaints from parents maybe?

On another Note, concerning Awesome Make-up, superstars and DKNY LE Necklaces. (Click Picture to Enlarge)

That doll has the most awesome make-up ever. I can't display the name (I didn't get permission) But she was March 16th's Covergirl! Yay! You really deserved it.

The "Pick of the Day" Necklace is DKNY, and $30. Outragous? Superstar's you need to buy this! It will be worth a whole lot in a few years.....Like the Scuba [Which I want, terribly.Oh well.]

HeavenGirl06 bought a scuba for $60......Omg, I almost got it too.


Major Mess Up!

Omg! I'm really sorry Sarah! I messed up your tag, but I made you a new one, and its even better! lol



Well, hi, this is sgc68, obviously, also known as Sarah or Sawah. I'm new to the blog as a writer, and my usual posts on blogs are about the club Animal-Lovers, as there is too much drama! So, just to warn you, there are a whole bunch of pervs on there, like hoticecube3., Mimi_LaRue, and Whooooooooore. Beware, seriously.

Btw, another thing I wanted to write about is Tylerisbomb, and his "oh-so-fabby" magazine or whatever. It seems that a lot of people think Hunnigal and boowow_1998 are slaves for Tyler. What do you think? Post your comments below!

SUPERSTAR Expensive vs. Knockoff

This is the: Half Sleeve Tee Edition.
DKNY Print Double Tee [SS $10]
DKNY Basic Drop Crotch Pants [SS $10] (Stardoll is trying to get rid of pervs then they name these pants this. WTF?)
DKNY Two Tone Pumps [SS $10]
Cole&DylanSprouse Logo Girl [SS $8]
Evil Panda Black Leggings [NonSS $4]
Decades Coco Pumps [SS $6]

Sunday, March 15, 2009

They're Back!

Stardoll is bringing back old clothes again! I hate it when they do that, they really need some new designers.

Next they will be bringing back the Scuba, making it worthless......


LGC68 & Other Writers [IMPORTANT]

here is your tag I made you, so people know when you post. Just insert it in all the posts.

[Its a little large. Lol]

IF YOU ARE A WRITER THIS IS IMPORTANT: I need you to add me as a friend so I can give you the password.
And you have to make a tag, or I cannot have you as a writer.


Ask Sarah! and Another Model! And Some Writers!

Our Newest Model is heavengirl06!

Our First Writer too! Lets welcome SGC68!

Another writer we got is Agentpang!

We welcome them all warmly and are glad they joined our staff.

Newest Model

Please welcome our newest & first Model heartselena!

Stylish Right? lol.


Applying Time!

I know you have all been waiting for this moment, and now it is finally here! If you want to apply for:


Ask _____




I will need at least 3 writers and one model by April. Eant a job? Just contact me! I will give it to a few people.

Read the Contact me to find out how to contact me.

*Journalist/Writer: Write about the juicyest style & stardoll news.

*Ask_____: Stardoll members send me questions, I send them to you, and you answer them.

*Interviewer: I already have that position. J/W can also interview, and answer questions.

*Model/Cg: You are the stars of our post art. We write a short summery & interview you. CG get to be on the club banner. You have to start out as a model though.

Questions? Contact me at:

Username: drummachick399

< < < < < < <
Also, writers have to be trustworthy. So, no changeing templates or banners or editing posts or anything.
And all Writers will need a tag [like mine] so they know who is writing. If you are unavaliable to make a tag, I can provide you with one.
We need a Club sponsor! If anyone is intereted, we will sponsor you as well.

Blog Club.

I am planning on making this blog a club on stardoll! Awesome right? Well, I should be able to make it in about a week, so hold on. I am hopeing to call it FameFashionFun [like the blog] but if that isn't avaliable I will need more ideas, so please contact me with the ideas. Thank you.


I Just figured out how to get PICTURES from stardoll to my blog! It takes a lot of effort, but its worth it. Want to see my banner, so you know its me, Ashlynne, posting? Here it is!

What do you think of it?

Contact Information

If you ever need to contact me for any reason [some listed below]
*Stardoll Fights/Gossip/Cheats/Ect.
*Position, In this blog, as Model/Writer/CG of the Day/Ect.
*Tips to make blog better
*Invites to your Blog/Wordpress/Club/Ect.

You can contact me through:
*Doll-Mail drummachick399
*Friend Request
*Club Post [FameFashionFun Only]
*Blog Comment

If you want to contact me through e-mail please make a topic like [Stardoll Blog Info] or [Stardoll!]
Otherwise I may not open the message [You know Spammers!] and your important information may never get read, and I want to hear from all of you. Also, inside the body of the message contain your stardoll user name so I know who you are.

I will have another, more informational post if you would like a position as Journalist/Model/CG of the Day/ Editor/ Ect.
I will be posting that as soon as I get a club for this blog. So be patient. Information for that will also be in a blog post.

I need blog art, such as Post Art/Banner/Layout/ Ect.
If you can make that for me please contact me through a source. You will have to send me the art through E-Mail though, so please be willing to send me that.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


::News Alert!::

There is another "Thelina" imposter on stardoll, who goes by the name of Thelina123. She hasn't been incredably horrible yet, but she might start some drama.
In an interview she said:

Q: Why did you make an account with the name of stardoll's most famous ex-user?
A: I liked thelina, and I hope her Fame spreads to my new account.

Q: Do you plan on becomeing Superstar?
A: No, I think I will stay Non incase thelina's same fate [account deletion] happens to me.

Q: What is your Real Name?
A: Emily Ashley Garcia

Q: What side in the Thelina fight were you on?
A: I was on the side that defended thelina.

Q: How do you plan on becomeing "Stardoll Famous?"
A: Bitchyness, Befriending people, and I'm starting a blog & a wordpress.

Q: You talked about starting a blog. What would it be called and what will it be about?
A: I have started it already. Its Called 'Stardoll's Burn Book' and my wordpress is "Thelina123" I will have them open to the public in a few weeks. 'Stardoll's Burn Book' is about other people who are seekers, posers, wannabe's, and otherwise hackers or scammers. Don't worry. Your not in it. lol

Q: What's your favorite club on stardoll?
A: Animal-Lovers of coarse.

Q: People have called you an attention seeker, a poser, and a wannabe. How do you respond to those negative comments?
A: I respond with a catty remark. Stardoll fame is important to me. I don't mind what other people think. Not everyone will like you, just remember that.

Q: How old are you?
A: Sixteen

Ashy: Thank you for being here Emily.
Emmy: Any time Ashy. I would love to help your blog in the future as well.

She seems nice enough to me. But you can make your own judgements.


Fabi New Blog

Hey Everyone! Drummachick399 here to tell you about this new blog.
Here you can find:
Style Tips
Upcoming Events
New Clothes
Current Events

So suscribe today! =D