Saturday, March 14, 2009


::News Alert!::

There is another "Thelina" imposter on stardoll, who goes by the name of Thelina123. She hasn't been incredably horrible yet, but she might start some drama.
In an interview she said:

Q: Why did you make an account with the name of stardoll's most famous ex-user?
A: I liked thelina, and I hope her Fame spreads to my new account.

Q: Do you plan on becomeing Superstar?
A: No, I think I will stay Non incase thelina's same fate [account deletion] happens to me.

Q: What is your Real Name?
A: Emily Ashley Garcia

Q: What side in the Thelina fight were you on?
A: I was on the side that defended thelina.

Q: How do you plan on becomeing "Stardoll Famous?"
A: Bitchyness, Befriending people, and I'm starting a blog & a wordpress.

Q: You talked about starting a blog. What would it be called and what will it be about?
A: I have started it already. Its Called 'Stardoll's Burn Book' and my wordpress is "Thelina123" I will have them open to the public in a few weeks. 'Stardoll's Burn Book' is about other people who are seekers, posers, wannabe's, and otherwise hackers or scammers. Don't worry. Your not in it. lol

Q: What's your favorite club on stardoll?
A: Animal-Lovers of coarse.

Q: People have called you an attention seeker, a poser, and a wannabe. How do you respond to those negative comments?
A: I respond with a catty remark. Stardoll fame is important to me. I don't mind what other people think. Not everyone will like you, just remember that.

Q: How old are you?
A: Sixteen

Ashy: Thank you for being here Emily.
Emmy: Any time Ashy. I would love to help your blog in the future as well.

She seems nice enough to me. But you can make your own judgements.


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