Sunday, March 15, 2009

Applying Time!

I know you have all been waiting for this moment, and now it is finally here! If you want to apply for:


Ask _____




I will need at least 3 writers and one model by April. Eant a job? Just contact me! I will give it to a few people.

Read the Contact me to find out how to contact me.

*Journalist/Writer: Write about the juicyest style & stardoll news.

*Ask_____: Stardoll members send me questions, I send them to you, and you answer them.

*Interviewer: I already have that position. J/W can also interview, and answer questions.

*Model/Cg: You are the stars of our post art. We write a short summery & interview you. CG get to be on the club banner. You have to start out as a model though.

Questions? Contact me at:

Username: drummachick399

< < < < < < <
Also, writers have to be trustworthy. So, no changeing templates or banners or editing posts or anything.
And all Writers will need a tag [like mine] so they know who is writing. If you are unavaliable to make a tag, I can provide you with one.
We need a Club sponsor! If anyone is intereted, we will sponsor you as well.

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