Monday, March 16, 2009

Yes, It's me AGAIN! I just found something Majorly Creepiful on STARDOLL, Fame, Fashion, Friends.


One of her hands comes off!

It is the Kate Winslet doll, at the moment, only avaliable to Superstar's. But, when the time comes you nons can try the creepyness of the doll.

Also, dolls now come in a white Tee and Jeans. Too many Bra & Panty complaints from parents maybe?

On another Note, concerning Awesome Make-up, superstars and DKNY LE Necklaces. (Click Picture to Enlarge)

That doll has the most awesome make-up ever. I can't display the name (I didn't get permission) But she was March 16th's Covergirl! Yay! You really deserved it.

The "Pick of the Day" Necklace is DKNY, and $30. Outragous? Superstar's you need to buy this! It will be worth a whole lot in a few years.....Like the Scuba [Which I want, terribly.Oh well.]

HeavenGirl06 bought a scuba for $60......Omg, I almost got it too.


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