Monday, August 22, 2011

Hotbuys Leggings

Hey guys!
I hope yall are doing well! Today was my first day of school and let me tell you I am actually excited for this year (except chemistry...I got the hardest class in the school being in honors, but the teacher is supposedly nice :]).

Anyways, the Hotbuys Leggings came out awhile ago.
They are $15 and not really my style. Well honestly, I wouldn't even try them on. 
The real life inspiration isn't thrilling to me either, but whatever floats Anna Sui's boat is alright with me:
(Credit: Hotbuys Addicted)

So, as of right now with some homework, I am able to manage my time quite well. So, hopefully I'll keep this up and won't abandon y'all again. Sounds cool? (:

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