Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How The...?

I was searching for someone to vote their stuff to get my Starcoins and I clicked on this chick:
As you can see, she has only been on for 2 months, has 278 points, and is royalty. I know Stardoll did that mega offer awhile back, but still. It's pretty irritating that most people on Stardoll had to wait to become royalty by being Superstar for a year when the royalty membership was introduced to Stardoll. Now, any old flea can get in there just because they paid $60 for membership.

What do you think? Is it fair for people like LawyerLover to be royalty? Or should Stardoll stick to what they created royalty for?


  1. i know,
    when you buy superstar membership for one year you get royalty diamond thats what i did so i know it

  2. I think that it's totally unfair cause you're meant to EARN the royalty diamond not BUY it. Stardoll is doing this so that they can get their hands on money!