Monday, August 1, 2011

Hotbuys Earrings

This evening the Hotbuys Earrings were released.

Now, please tell me what is wrong with this picture:

Back in the day, if any accessory was over $10, we knew it was glitch.
Now with these higher-than-a-cat's-back prices, it is not as shocking, but devastating that a little pair of earrings cost twenty effin' dollars. With this being the beginning of August, I am terrified to see the prices of the dresses that will be released later in the month.

Anyways, enough about my complaints. The earrings themselves are nice, but after what I said, do you really think I would buy them? ;)

The real life version is by Topshop:

(Credit: Hotbuys Addicted)

Will you buy these earrings?

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