Monday, August 24, 2009


Hey Girls.!

Okay my computer is being utterly stupid and that means I cannot post a picture name tag.

It'll be fixed next week, so no worries.

I have a few tidbits to share.

1. Stardoll is being completely and utterly boring and is giving me absolutly nothing to blog about. Grawr. Stardoll staff, please post/do something interesting. Maybe new clothes.?

2. That 'New Clothes' comment I just ended my last paragraph with is pretty much what this one is about x] what a qua-wink-y-dink (or however you spell that funny word.) There is a new shirt I ABSOLUTLY lovee. <3 Well, anyways, I am going to have a superstar "Who wore it better?" comp on this blog.
I have 2 entries right now. I need at least 10 to start. So buy that shirt and enter superstars.

3. Awww I love you guys so much! I have been getting messages from you users regaurding Brent. Some on his side -_- but most were really sweet and comforting to me.
No one has written "I hope he drowns in a hole of bleach" yet.
Thats disappointing.
Ah well, I love you girls.

4. Join this blogs OFFICIAL CLUB.
Its called FameFashionFun and can be located in my suite [drummachick399]
So join.
We only have 4 members :(

Well thats it.!

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