Friday, August 28, 2009


Stardoll has finally opened a new addition to the Starplaza, Moxie. Yes, most are excited, but if you're not the rainbow type, this store might not work for you. Sure, they have some cute items, and mis matched is ok, but lets not exaggerate. Mis matched tennis shoes? Why would we want to wear those? I personally don't dislike the store -I bought a couple things there just the other day- but the video? It's taking cliche` to a completely new level. "Bold is better?" "Every girl has the strength to do something amazing, anything is possible with the courage and confidence to stay true and never give up on your big dreams." Can someone tell me what that has to do with the brand? With the clothing? Sure, a little motivation is nice ... But what is that over used phrase supposed to motivate you to do? Buy the overly colorful and wacky clothing from a store where they think bell bottom jeans are still 'in' enough for us 21st century girls?
I certainly don't think you shouldn't buy anything from that store just because of it's cliche` phrases, stripes and mis matched shoes ... Just be aware, you just might end up looking like a clown. Nope, there is nothing wrong with being different, but lets not make a fool of ourselves.

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