Monday, June 20, 2011

"But I'm not a hacker": Don't fall for the traps!

 Oh lord, don't you love people who try to seem all innocent & hypocritical.
Well just a few minutes ago, I was dealing with one. Let's start:

So here's the background. I told her I don't chat, which I don't like to. This moron apparently doesn't get what I'm saying:
For you fellow bloggers, you know that I'm on Blogger updating (Or on Facebook,facebook-ing) so I don't pay attention to chat, but I'm always on Stardoll 24/7 (Not literally, but over 12 hours a day...)

So next we get on chat, and she asks me the same stuff. I give her the clearer explanation.
Then she says "I'm not stupid or a hacker. Your mean" (I tried to screenprint this, but she logged off chat)
Then I had to give another explanation, saying that if you spent several dollars of your real money and put so much time into your suite, etc, and busting your ass to do it all, you wouldn't let anyone on your account. (I tried to screenprint this too)
She said: "Ya I would"
My response:

Then it goes on to another long speech.

What I'm trying to get across- Don't fall stupid to the sweet-talkers. You know how guys sweet-talk you into having sex with them and all? It's the same exact thing here, except you lose your account in a virtual world which isn't as bad as being knocked up and getting scolding from your parents. 
Don't be an idiot and let them hack you! Stardoll isn't going to do crap about it except give you a letter saying "You shouldn't of given your password out", blah blah blah.
Been there & done that with my old second account.
Don't go to unknown sites either, and don't go to any site a person claims to be Stardoll. Real Stardoll has /en/ at the end. Don't be stupid and log in to a fake one, because you can say goodbye to your real account.

Stardoll Safety is important because losing your account is 100% preventable. You have to be smart and not fall for traps. Because once you fall, no one is going to help you up.


  1. I meant on Maddy65 & Kissemzii. I like this post ^___^