Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stardoll Parties: Are they really safe for all?

Today, after a very informative post on PSG, I decided to personally check out Stardoll parties for myself and see if they're really as I thought they would be.

As we all know there are a lot of perverts on Stardoll since I've been around, and probably before that.
Now, majority of people on Stardoll fake their age just to get a community membership. Let's be honest here, I did that with my old second account , because on my current account, I joined when I was 11. On that second account, I loved talking with people, but I was also semi-scarred for life by the stuff I saw in some clubs (That's a reason why I don't really participate in clubs). I also shared that account with my friend, who is 2 years younger than me, so at the time, I was 12, and she was 10. She wasn't on much, so she didn't see much unless I personally showed her how sick people are. 
There is a reason why Stardoll has the "child-safe" account-at least back in the day they did. My friend and I had to get a parent signature and fax a paper to Stardoll to get community membership. Now days, every little kid and their dog is on.

Now, we all know Stardoll has so-called "strict policies", as in, my club logo that said "Free-days" wasn't allowed, yet anyone can say perverted stuff, and give numbers and stuff. They also have perverted nicknames, and back in the day they would create pictures out of numbers, letters, etc of a bad image. Of course, Stardoll allowed it. Clubs used to be-and still are bad and filthy. There are topics just about role-playing , which don't get me wrong, role playing is ok, but virtual sex parties are just disgusting.

In the past year Stardoll came out with parties, which used to be just private parties where you invite your friends. Now, there are public parties. Let's have a look at these party names:

I went through the list of the first 6 pages of parties. All the names in yellow are the ones that are bad. 
Now, the only ones in yellow that are acceptable are the lesbian parties. I have nothing against gays, lesbians, bi, etc. They have a choice, and I respect that. Everything else is wrong. Stardoll is NOT a dating site. It's a site about fashion and meeting friends. It's not to be a whore fest by dressing and acting like a slut.

Here is a notice when you enter a party:

So according to this, shouldn't a lot of people be deleted?

Now, I entered a room called "Dirty Dancing"-something like that anyways. I didn't do anything except take screen shots of things I noticed in the room. Here they are:
Sluttiness at it's finest.

Previous conversation.

Slutty outfits.

The light-brown hair chick and the dude we're making kissy faces

I was in there for a good two minutes and the pictures say a lot.
It's sad that users actually dress like that on purpose.
Then again, some of the clothes that are released just right out scream "Slutty, slutty, slutty."
Other things, can be used in a fashionable modest outfit.

So guys, please share your opinion on Stardoll's "strict rules", clubs, parties, and whatever else relating to this subject. I think Stardoll should stand up to their word, instead of letting appropriate stuff get blocked and inappropriate crap slide by.

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  1. i agree, it's disgusting, and the kissy faces make me feel sick:(
    also i have a bi friend who's really really nice,and she doesn't dress like a slut/whore:)