Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More Suite Rooms: Worth it or Not?

Today Stardoll sent out this message:
What they are trying to get us to waste money on is 2 more rooms for 99 stardollars.
Now let's remember some things:
*Superstars already have 12 regular rooms as it is-not including the penthouse or beach villa.
*A lot of us already have the 4 extra rooms since we're suckers. So we already have 16 rooms.
-If we buy more rooms, then that usually means we have to buy furniture to go with it, because not everything in storage can cover it [even though it should :P]
+We would get more room to make even more awesome rooms, if the all the 12-16 rooms aren't already filled up.

With all that being said, will you still buy the rooms, or pass?

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