Wednesday, January 20, 2010

For Some Reason.... (New Inspired Dresses.) + more!

Yep. This is another double post, or how many other topics I can fit in it.
I seem to post these a lot.
It's convenient, sorry :)

I feel like the same people are reading our posts.
Yes, we do have 38 followers. But I know for a fact not all 38 are leaving this.
So, I just want to know your out there, and I won't know that unless you type!
We have comment/chat boxes so we know people are reading.
So far my writers are the only one's who have truly used them.
So, just let me know your there, k?
Leave a hi!
or a "Cool Blog!" or "I hate this blog!"
Whatever, I want to hear from you!

Also, Stardoll released some new Inspired dresses.
They are fabulous, so please, check them out.
They are expensive though. (10-13)
and Superstar only.

I am thinking about leaving stardoll as soon as my superstar is up.
That's in 2 months.
I don't know yet.
Elaina (Elainaisback) is in the process of saying her goodbyes, and giving out her MSN.
I'll miss her.
But just because I leave Stardoll doesn't mean I'll quit the blog :]
I'll post, about other things, and maybe have a writing comp or two.
I'm only THINKING about leaving though.

Oh yeah. Last thing.
Our first OFFICIAL blog comp will be happening soon.
About a week?
I'll make a post, and if I get at least 7 people to enter (non-writers), Someone will win
An Antidote Tank
Valued at $100
So, lets start thinking about that.

See Ya.


  1. It`s cool that we will have comp soon!

    And,you will maybe leave,Stardoll?

  2. Possibly.
    I'm still thinking about it.
    I have a lot of time to decide.