Friday, January 15, 2010

Back to Blogging :)

Hey Guys :)
I've decided my little blogging/stardoll vacation is over. I have a lot of work to do to keep this blog going.
Some news:
*I may be accepted as one of the writers for the blog Limetricity. 
 I just sent the owner, CatLover103, my email. So I should be blogging there soon.

I am still at SDGossipTrends, but I kind of abandoned them for a while like I abandoned you guys. I'll be back posting there as soon as I finish this post, which could be a while.
 No one else has really been posting there anyways.
I did get a really nasty comment on one of my posts though.

Can you read that, or is it not clear enough. I can't tell, I don't have my glasses on.
lol :)
Someone posted that as anonymous, which I think is sort of cowardly. I also had a hard time reading it due to simple grammatical errors.
e.g. ISZ, qualirfied, ect.

Also, just to make one thing clear, the post was about a girl who I'd seen on stardoll with amazing designs. That's it.
I thought about bringing the comment to the blog owner's (InnerBeautyGirl) attention, but I decided to just let it go. If she's reading this post, then she knows about it.

On a better note, I'm looking for writers! :)
I need some people to help me write so I don't look like a loner.
So, add me if your interested & I'll ask you a few questions to get you set up.
I only have 3 qualifications:
1. You Know how to screen-shot/ make your own banner
2. You know how to use blogger.
3. You know how to type in proper english.
(Not lyk dis bbz. mkay bzchez. u gt dat?)
lol, that was fun to type like that again. Last time I did that was in.....5th grade I think?
I still use mmmkay though. :) its a fun non-word.

So, Comment, Follow, Join.



  1. Whoah.
    I typed more then I thought I did.
    Sorry for making you read so much. You probably read enough in school.

  2. xDDD
    I`m glad you`re back!
    I would love to be writer for your blog!

  3. Ooooo, I'd love to give it a go...But I'm not like constantly active :( LOl!

    Maybe, depends if you don't mind just random post's about Stardoll lol!

    My name's Theshinystar!

  4. Avril: :D Great! Check your Dollmail.

    Zoe: Add me, and we can talk about it. :]