Friday, August 20, 2010

Fashion Steals and Deals (8/20/10)

Hello, guys! Ellie here with a welcome new addition to the blog I like to call

Here are some identical articles ofclothing, but how much you save is really the eye-opener! :D


A Stardoll TV dress: $14 SS
A Stardoll TV dress $13 NON SS

Such rare occasions do we only see NON SS dresses. :D I mean, not much of a bargain BUT it's for NON SS! :D Go team!
I actually do like the NON SS one more. :]


A Bisou dress: $6 SS.
A PPQ dress: $33 SS.

WOW! A difference of 27 Stardollars! I personally like the Bisou one the most. :D The PPQ looks faded, but nice, I guess. I just don't see paying THAT much for something that has an identical style for $27 cheaper!!!

A PPQ dress: $32 SS
A RIO dress:
$15 SS

Okay. First of all, that PPQ dress is just UGLY. Lol.WOW! A total savings of 17 Stardollars! That's a lot of mula! Lol. As I said before, the PPQ isn't my style, so of course I would buy the RIO one. I mean, for $15? What a bargain!

A Bisou purse: $7 SS
A Bisou purse:

Why does stardoll think they can make one item, clone it, then sell it higher for SS? I Don't get it. xD Anyways, I bought the NON SS one, of course.

UPDATE: This picture WONT LOAD for some reason, but I think we all know what purse(s) I'm talking about. ;)


Well, that conclude's this week's Fashion Steals and Deals.
Check back next Friday for a new post. :]


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  1. Nice post!
    I definitely agree with the PPQ waste of money! That red PPQ dress is hideous in my opinion :o