Saturday, August 7, 2010

Club and Followers!

Hey guys! It's Elle, here. :D Bah! I'm so excited! As Cam stated below, we have 100 followers! :D Now, it has been my mission to start a MeDoll of the Week competition. So, here's the rules.

Once Cam gives the green light, every week, we'll put all the names of our followers in a hat. We'll pull one name out. Whoever that is, will be the Medoll of the Week. How exciting! :D So follow today, and you'll have a chance to have...
-An ad posted here (For club/bazar/CG votes/etc...)
-ANNNNNNNND an interview posted here and on our....

Yesterday, me and Maddy thought of the idea to start a club for the blog. :) Well, we did this morning! It's called FameFashionFun.

Join today! We'll post comps/MDW (Medoll of the Week)/raffles/games/etc.!!!

Please join, we need your support!

NOTE: You can join if you aren't a follower, but it would be greatly appreciated if you were. ;)

Thanks. :)
That's all for now!


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