Saturday, August 7, 2010

Missing Hotbuys dress?

Hey guys! So, there is supposed to be a Hotbuys dress out now, that was supposed to come out...yesterday!
Lazy Stardoll still hasn't released it. So far, this hasn't been a good start of the month for Stardoll in the Hotbuys category. If I recall, they released majority of the July Hotbuys late, they released the August Hotbuys list a week late, and now they haven't released the Hotbuys Silk dress. I'm positive that Stardoll doesn't care about Hotbuys anymore, since they don't bother to release them on time, and the quality is very...crappy :/

They can release Super Supreme & Sunny Bunny, but not our Hotbuys, which is a monthly Stardoll tradition?
What do you think about this? All opinions are welcome(;

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