Tuesday, August 17, 2010

MeDoll of the Week!

So every week, I have a hat of all of the followers in a hat. An awesome Chanel straw hat.. Anyways! Off topic! Lol. So I pick a piece of paper out and whosoever name is on that piece of paper is the Medoll of the Week.

Well, this week's Medoll of the week is...



Here's our interview:

NOTE: Lady_GAGA4ever is in pink, I'm in white and italicized.

First Question:
How do you feel about being a stardoll member? Are you mad? Are you feeling okay? Tell us.

I feel great really, there was times were I felt really mad with people about what they said and what they done to hurt me but overall it's a great place where I have spent most of my time and I've met some really great people, it's a great website for all girls and I do recommend it as a member :)

Next Question:
If stardoll would to have no more SS, do you think there would be a mutiny of some sort? Would you be okay with that?

If there were to have SS no more than I'm sure the site would have some business troubles, well a lot of them. Yes I think there would be, personally no I wouldn't be okay with that because Stardoll would stop all the good clothes coming in and it would be harder for everyone who does pay normally to get all the advantages. So I guess the website itself really does need superstar anyway.

Next Question:

Do you think that it's wrong for SS to think that they're 'more important than others?' And do you think SS is the cause for so many scams/hacks??

Yes I do indeed think that it's wrong, yes we pay but looking on the other hand you wouldn't want to be treated differently because you don't pay to get what Stardoll offers, I've seen some people act like they are better than most people because they won something or got something here on Stardoll and I get the impression that I know what non SS must be feeling at some moments. Probably yes, SS codes and membership vouchers are a very good way for buying an account or trading a piece of clothing.

Next Question:

How do you feel about all of the new tribute stores that have been opening in the Star plaza?

I love all of them so far, yet there has been so many coming out I haven't had a chance to keep up so I haven't got most of the items from the tribute stores except from the channel one, they are worth it but there is so many going and so many coming, but still it feels great that Stardoll have been adding more shops and more variety, great :)

Next Question:

If you won..let's say.. The Stardoll Lottery, and won 10 thousand stardollers... What would you do?

What would I do? Well first of all I'd bid on the rares that I can find, make my suite the best that it can be and not care about the limit that I spend, I'd also spend the money on broadcasts to make myself cover girl which I've always wanted to be and I'd buy more of my designs that I enjoy making. And I would definitely buy some awesome gifts from the suite shop for my friends who deserve it :)

Next and Final Question:

How does it feel to be theFameFashionFun.blogspot.com's Medoll of the Week?

Oh it feels great really, especially when you told me, it's a shock and thank you that you picked me it's an honour and I also love being interviewed! I really hope all the best for the blog and for the future me-dolls of the week of famefashionfun, best wishes Lady_GAGA4ever.

What a great interview! :) She's smart, nice, fashionable and fun. :)
Visit her @ http://www.stardoll.com/en/user/?id=28120864
Well, that's all for now!