Thursday, August 12, 2010

Stardoll being sneaky?

Aloha guys! Not much going on today..but there were a few things that I thought I could post about(:

1. Covergirl:
Lazy Stardoll hasn't updated the covergirl for 2 days! So MiskoGrybas has been Covergirl for 3 DAYS STRAIGHT! My advice- Don't run for covergirl anytime soon. You're only going to get screwed and lose money for nothing. Just don't bother :P
2. Album:
Covergirl isn't the only thing Stardoll is behind on- They haven't updated the album winner, yet add the top 5. Summer-muffin has won 2 weeks in a row. No one is in places 2-5 :P
3. Stardoll stealing money:
So I went to buy 2 items today. I had $61, now I have $21. I bought 2 items [1 for $12, 1 for $9 which equals $21.] $61 - 21 = $40, NOT $21. I went to my suite, and I had 2 of the items, and a shirt that I didn't even put in my cart. I had only 1 of each of the items I bought. Not two. Sadly, this ISN'T a first. I have had this happen a few days ago, when I only put 1 of each item in the cart [I double checked too] and I spent double. This really pisses me off, and other members are complaining. It's an annoying glitch probably set on purpose to take our stardollars so we'll buy more. How cheesy of Stardoll >:(
What do you guys think about all these glitches? They are starting to get annoying to me!

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