Friday, August 20, 2010

PPQ Comp

Are you interested in winning up to $100? Well, we are going to start having comps more often, and I will be in charge of them! I am hoping to hold a comp about every 2 weeks, but that depends on my schedule. Anyways, the latest floor in the PPQ store came out, and I think it would be perfect for this comp! So here is what you have to do:

1. Create an outfit using any of the NEW PPQ clothes. Your outfit MUST include at least 1 PPQ item, and it has to be a CLOTHING item, not an accessory[Shoes, purses]. The PPQ item must be shown, if it is hidden it will not count!
2. Take a print screen [If you don't know how, go to SMW, there is a video on how to do it]. Then upload it to a image hosting site and post the link in comments along with your Stardoll name.

The last day to enter is Friday, August 27, but I will not check them until late Saturday morning since I have Friday Night Football on Friday night [Yay!]

Saturday, I will post the top 10 outfits [Number of outfits depends on number of entries] and there will be a poll for you to vote in. The person with the most votes gets $100, 2nd gets $50, 3rd gets $25.

**You must be a follower to enter. No exceptions.

Good luck :D


  1. :] YAY Friday night football! Lol.

    Awesome, :]


  2. (:
    My username is maura456745.
    And i am a follow of this blog, under Mauraa/maura456745♥

    Here is my entry:

  3. Here is mii entry:

    Mii stardoll username: xxxkittkatxxx
    mii follower name: kittkat

  4. Okey..I'm iin....My entry will be posteD later...;)
    nickname: lillmisssamy :D

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  6. here is mine entry...agaaiiin...:S
    outfit :
    make up: