Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hotbuys Earrings

Today a pair of Hotbuys earrings were released, which is part of the August Hotbuys. They still haven't give us the list of all the Hotbuys for this month, which is sad. Stardoll should be ashamed of themselves & get their lazy butts to work-not to mention Covergirl(Callie.Stardoll), plus they only showed the 1st place album & scenery winner, which is the same person for both. Aside from that, the earrings are $7 and Superstar. I have no clue who they are inspired by, so if you know tell me in comments :D

I like the earrings, but they are way to big for me :D
They are not in a store or the new section. To get them in your dressing room, you must go to the startpage & look under the new fashion items. They will be there & click on them :D

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