Saturday, August 14, 2010

Just An Update(:

This has nothing to do with Stardoll, but I need to tell my fellow writers that...

I will be completely offline for the next two days. I may be on for like, 10 minutes, but that's it. I have 3 books to read in a month. I know I can do it, that's why I'm cramming it all in 2/3 days. :D Lol. I'm a fast reader, but these books are LONG! D: I'm reading October Sky right now.. It's good. (: I like it... Anyways, I just wanted to tell everyone that I won't be on as much as I am now later in the months. I will still be apart of the blog and of course post (maybe) everyday if Maddy doesn't beat me to it and or/ theres nothing new on Stardoll.

SO. With that said, TTYL and good wishes for the end of summer!



  1. Isn't reading long books in a short period of time just fun lol? I know how that goes.. I had a long summer of it :P
    Good luck with all the reading! It can be tough(:

  2. Thanks. I am hoping to finish October Sky today. D: On to the next book.