Sunday, August 22, 2010

Egg Facial, SAY WHAT?!

Ever have really dry skin? I saw this tutorial online and decided to try it. I mixed it up a bit, but my skin feels like a baby's tush. :D In other words, it WORKS!
NOTE: At first I wrote this in past-tense. Then I decided to write it as a tutorial, SORRY!


Number one, I added 3 lettuce leaves and carrot shavings into the water while it was boiling. Steaming your face might take a while, so just be patient. Until you feel every pore open, still have your face over the stove. :D

Number 7 I meant:
Now get the egg shell and crunch it up REALLY good. Now put it in the cup and mix it.


When you are done with it all and your waiting for 10 minutes, IT MAY TAKE LONGER THAN 10 MINUTES!
Just gently pat your hands over the mask to see if it's COMPLETELY dry. It has to be, then after, get warm wash cloth and pat it gently of your face. Then get a little more hot water and wash your face like you regualarly would with your old face wash.

My skin feels AMAZING. :D I'm deff. going to do this before school.

Thanks. :DDD



  1. It toally works! My face is so clear! :D