Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Again, I am sincerly sorry for not posting spoilers this week. My desktop got a malfunction problem saying we had a virus, so we had to get that fixed [which happened, but I can't use it yet..still problems with IE and whatever]. So I'm on my laptop..and I don't have the spoiler site on here [I got to get that link sometime haha].

Anyways, here is today's spoilers. They are from the PPQ store, which is one of my favorites! I can't resist not posting these lol:

The last ones are not PPQ because their quality sucks. I hope there is more PPQ but that's all we have for now.

Do you like them?(: Thanks SMW for spoilers!

Just for future note...I won't post spoilers from now on until Novemeber, when I actually can see what I'm doing in the morning [Jk, but it's 5:45 early]. Plus, spoilers aren't even posted that early either :P I'm sorry :(

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