Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Stardoll News


- New banner.
- Changed my nickname from Elle to Ellie, I like it muchmore! :]- N1mka4eva DIED? WTF?
- School
- Forgotten Dress?
- Makeover! :D For the blog!

Okie Dokie, let's start off today's news with my new banner ^^. Nothing really changed except for the Elle to Ellie. :D

I decided to change Elle to Ellie because I think it suits me better. Elle is like really elegant, classy, and not that I'm none of those things, but I think since I'm going into high school, turning over a new leaf, I think Ellie is a great change. No more '-Elle' anymore! xD Lol.

Last night, looking at my dashboard on Blogger, I saw a head-turning story.
N1mka4eva died. At first, I was shocked out of my mind. Then I saw the comments, and the disbelief and thought to myself... Hmm... This is fishy.Well, fishy indeed. I looked on my DB this morning, only to find another article about Servati and Charlotte's death.One. Big. Fat. Hoax.And a mean one, at that.
How could ANYONE do that? I think it's wrong. I'm not really mad at Servati, I'm just mad about how she handled it. I mean, I would never fake my own (or anyone else's for that matter) death unless I REALLY wanted to just get away from everyone. But that's why they made Tahiti for that. (xD) :/ So you see, no one really died. No one really got killed. No one even lost anything. Except for Servati's dignity... xD
Anyways, what's your whole take on this? Write us in the comments, please! Or if you have something to share, GB us. :]


Are you starting school soon I AM! And some stardoll members have already started! xD Lol. I'm realllllllllllyyy prepared for high school, I can feel it. I'm a bit nervous (But not as nervous as Vivien, xD) but I think I'm gonna be awesome. :D Lol. So much confidence... xD Anyways... I know pretty much everyone who's going into my high school... I dunno if that's a good thing or a bad thing. xD Lol. So tell us, what are some of your great and bad school memories? Whether it be from grade school, junior high or high school.
My great moment: getting the Choir 8th grade achievement (the best of the best!)
My worst moment: getting banished from my table... :( But I made new friends. Better, too. :D


I've been waiting FOREVER for my dress to come in... Nope. Nothing. :/ I wish Stardoll was less lazy. :[
I know what this blog needs... A makeover!
Banner + background will be posted soon.

Well, that's all for now.

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