Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fair or not fair?

Stardoll apparently doesn't show much care when they do the album contest. After 3 weeks of the same winner, they finally changed it, but all the winners are top designers.
I don't know about you, but isn't that quite unfair to others who haven't won album or anything else at all, like Covergirl & scenery. We see the top designers in top 5 spots everyday. I have nothing against them, but maybe they should have a limit on how many times they win something, and so should others? Maybe win once or twice for each spot for covergirl & scenery, and once for album spots [Since it is a whole week]. I personally think that would be more fair for others who want a chance of winning, and that spend thousands of dollars broadcasting. Besides, if you win album once or twice..your satisfied [Well at least I am with 1 win].

What do you think? Should Stardoll give others a chance? Or do you really not care?
Tell in comments(:


  1. I do care, I think this is really unfair :S
    It's because new and maybe even old members play&earn they go to design page, and there is the list of hot designers who nearly never change, and lots of members visit and vote them and it makes them win time by time.

  2. I deff. agree with Ruth! I think Stardoll is just getting lazy. :/

  3. Yes, VERY lazy!

    I think they just don't care anymore, which is quite disappointing to be honest :/